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A family doesn’t have to be normal. Sometimes a family is a broody vigilante who wears a lot of black and has an orphan addiction, a boy from the circus who used to like wearing scaly green panties, a badass computer geek, a zombie, an awesome ninja assassin girl, a sleep-deprived depressed teenager, a sassy blonde with a thing for purple, a teeny murderous 10 year-old, a cow, and an old immortal British butler who can beat up Superman.

bluedaggers-lewis  asked:

the lion portal could take a while tho. like, lion had a long time alone in the desert to discover his powers. lars only just got them.

Also true. That, and it took a ton of lion’s energy just to warp them to the moon…it’d probably take an insane amount of energy to travel across hundreds of light years. So they may have to figure out a way around that!


Thanks again to @vikingskirts for the awesome commission of my PvZ plant idea, Stargazer Lily! Couldn’t be happier with how the little bugger turned out.

Stargazer Lily (3)
-Flower Plant-
2/2 Team-Up
Plants here get +1/+1.
“Hello fellow Earth plants. It is I, a plant that was grown here on this planet, just like you.“ 

For toastyhat, who wanted Rosa and Signless doing some actiony thing, so I drew them risking to face off zombies in the harsh daylight to get ahead of their highblood pursuers.

Take care buddy  ^u^


please ignore the bad colouring it was a pain in the assbutt ¿ⓧ_ⓧﮌ