zombie awesome

For toastyhat, who wanted Rosa and Signless doing some actiony thing, so I drew them risking to face off zombies in the harsh daylight to get ahead of their highblood pursuers.

Take care buddy  ^u^

A family doesn’t have to be normal. Sometimes a family is a broody vigilante who wears a lot of black and has an orphan addiction, a boy from the circus who used to like wearing scaly green panties, a badass computer geek, a zombie, an awesome ninja assassin girl, a sleep-deprived depressed teenager, a sassy blonde with a thing for purple, a teeny murderous 10 year-old, a cow, and an old immortal British butler who can beat up Superman.

Jimin comes back from shooting the BTS Run episode

you: how was it?

jm: pff, easy, we had to fight zombies and I didn’t even get scared!

But then once you are both in bed that night

you: jimin…are you scared?

jm: *literally clinging onto you with his whole body* *shaky voice* maybe just a bit

  • Daenerys: Who the hell are you?
  • Jon: My name's Jon Snow.
  • Jon: I'm here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative.

*SCREAMS* @lady-redhaired sketched Lucyl Lavellan!!! I was super lucky enough to grab the only sketch commission slot available yesterday! Lucyl is mine and @bearly-tolerable’s OC from Where We Once Walked, our Dragon Age / Zombie Apocalypse AU fic!

I absolutely love her! You’ve captured her perfectly and she just looks so badass 😍 thank you so much!! Lemme smooch you ❤