zombie apocolapse

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could u please do a au about the seven +nico and reyna in a zombie apocolapse. u don't have to if u don't want to. have a wonderful day!!

well guess what anon i DO WANT TOO sorry it took so long to get 2. im assumin for zomb au, it is also human au, because otherwise nico’s powers make this significantly less interesting. so lets assume theyr humans and roll w/ it

  • rag-tag bunch of loser kids just tryin 2 survive the apocalypse in rural long island, and havin a hell of a time
  • percy and jason are just doin their best to hold everyone together. jason came over from the west coast w/ reyna, hazel, and frank and theyve been travelin a while. percy had rounded up all his friends in the area and decided to hold up in some abandoned summer camp. they all just kinda ran into each other and decided to stick together
  • Nico is in and out mostly. he was homeless and parentless before this ordeal, and the apocalypse hasnt really made much of a difference in his life. he’s here a few days, then he’s off on a supply run or to help another group of survivors or to raid a mcdonalds again. he’s a busy boy
  • he actually isnt that scared of the zombies at all for some reason. like, he’s aware they pose a threat, and he’ll kill them on sight if he has to. but for the most part if he can just avoid them, he doesnt feel particularly afraid of them
  • hazel HATES THAT, because she feels like nico puts himself in more danger than necessary. he doesnt need to raid the mcdonalds and its full of zombies, but he’s not scared so he does it anyway and its THE WORST. she has on more than one occassion made frank physically hold nico to prevent him from escaping to do something STUPID
  • reyna annabeth and piper are Team Mom, and they do a very good job of making sure everyone is taken care of. reyna absolutely always puts up a fight when nico says he’s gonna go off on his own to do something, and if he’s too stubborn to wait for the rest of the group to come along she’ll go alone with him just to make sure he doesnt die
  • leo has been buildin things left and right, maintains a generator for their base, and also cooks a mean enchilada when he’s in the mood. at first he found nico’s blasé attitude about zombies to be kind of intimidating, because he himself is fucking petrified by them. but after they warm up to each other, they become pretty chill and joke around more. nico will sometimes pick up supplies for new projects for leo while he’s out and about
  •  jason spends a lot of time trying to get nico to be open and bond with the group and also trying to prevent him from getting killed. he’s taken on a kind of protective older brother role, which nico did not ask for and frequently protests. 
  • nico is currently keeping a zombie he named Jules-Albert as a pet and everyone hates this so much. he claims he’s harmless, he just found him wandering around outside their base one day and he didnt attack so he brought him in. Jules has yet to actually attempt biting anyone, but it takes a very long time for everyone to warm up to him

ah yes, i’d like to order a story where the zombie apocalypse has surfaced from everyone’s imagination into reality, and a boy meets another boy after being abandoned from his group he was with, so the two try to survive together but in the end the two are on a building and one is about to fall so it is up to the other boy to save him. Yet, then they both realize that the other boy won’t make it so he says, “I love you.” as he gripped the man he has begun to love, his own hands gripping his lover’s wrists so he couldn’t fall just yet off the building into the group zombies waiting for him at the bottom. But instead of saying “I love you” back, he says “Oh ___, if only somebody loved you” and he lets go of the edge and laughs as he is devoured by zombies.

I was re-watching TWD when my dad came in and asked what was going on. I just shushed him and said they were in a very intense situation

my dad just turned to me confused and said: “Why would they be in tents in a zombie apocolapse?”