zombie apocolapse

ah yes, i’d like to order a story where the zombie apocalypse has surfaced from everyone’s imagination into reality, and a boy meets another boy after being abandoned from his group he was with, so the two try to survive together but in the end the two are on a building and one is about to fall so it is up to the other boy to save him. Yet, then they both realize that the other boy won’t make it so he says, “I love you.” as he gripped the man he has begun to love, his own hands gripping his lover’s wrists so he couldn’t fall just yet off the building into the group zombies waiting for him at the bottom. But instead of saying “I love you” back, he says “Oh ___, if only somebody loved you” and he lets go of the edge and laughs as he is devoured by zombies.

I was re-watching TWD when my dad came in and asked what was going on. I just shushed him and said they were in a very intense situation

my dad just turned to me confused and said: “Why would they be in tents in a zombie apocolapse?”