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It had been exhausting as far as Skool could go. Irkens hardly even got tired, but having to endure the painstaking and tedious hours of meaningless jabber and the Dib was almost impossible to bear. For once Zim just enjoyed the silence as he reclined on the couch in the dark. It was so quiet, far too quiet.

“HI-YAA!” Zim yelped and jolted upwards as the tranquil silence was shattered by a certain robot that bounced out of nowhere onto the floor, striking out his metal feet. “Take that, evil piggy zombies!” The android giggled loudly.

“What are you doing?” Zim snapped. “And can you do it in another room? I’m exhausted.”

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               A masterlist of playlist to help with all your writing needs.
                               All credit goes to playlist makers.
                                   Updated as I find more

Okay, so I got a little carried away while making this. AKA I spent seven hours making this and i had to stop myself from making it longer. This is quite possibly the most intense RPH project I have done. This pretty much has music for any writing need, small and large. Playlist to inspire you, to make you feel an emotion, to put you in another place, or really anything. If you have any category or something you would like me to include, just message me.
Also because I did this over several hours and it kinda just kept expanding, it’s not completely the same format. Some are listed by their title, other by content or category. B

Categories include: Angsty ships, Fluffy Ships, mythology, supernatural creatures, smut, BroTps, Villains, Heroes, Strong Women, Instrumental, Drugs/Alcohol, Genres, Time Periods, Mental Illnesses’, Royalty, Settings, Cultures, Roadtrips, and an Other category that has everything else I found that I had no idea where to put but thought it was super cool.

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fo4 male companions: friendly militia leader with severe trauma, simpleton giant interested in shakespeare, charismatic mercenary who appeared as a kid in fo3, cold merciless android learning how to feel, suicidal anarchist zombie, self-loathing android detective with pre-war human memories, wisecracking faceless secret agent, brotherhood loyalist with a dark secret

fo4 female companions: normal girl i can fuck, french maid android i can fuck, punk drug addict i can “fix” and then fuck




something about this whole “danse is so racist” thing is starting to rub me the same kind of wrong that “siding with templars is equivalent to being a racist/homophobe/ableist/literal nazi in real life” rubs me wrong and like

yeah fuck half of danse’s and maxson’s wrong opinions and fuck the entirely fictional paramilitary force the brotherhood of steel in the context of this game’s story but also

ghouls and androids and mutants aren’t real, just as magic and mages aren’t real; just as poc in real life are not sentient androids made in laboratories and programmed to feel or act in a certain way, and neither are they zombies kept alive through radioactive contamination that also eats at their brain until they may or may not become aggressively feral, and neither are they monstruously mutated violent cannibals who kidnap people and either force mutations on them or dismember them for dinner, etc etc; and this weird false equivalence of characters being anti-synth/ghoul/supermutant in these games to the specific concept of “racism” (which is a very real thing that affects very real people) is starting to sound a lot like and have the same gross and unfortunate implications as the “mage rights” thing, like

black/brown people are not zombies or androids, in the same way that gay or mentally ill people can’t throw fireballs from their hands, okay, and I’m just

really uncomfortable with this whole thing

like I get feeling strongly pro-synth and thus generally mad at the BoS but

I just feel that “racism” is not the word we’re looking for here

belligerentdyke  asked:

do you have any tips for starting to run?


basically, start small and build up slowly. you have to meet yourself where you are. if you’ve never run voluntarily before, it might be a challenge to run for even 30 seconds at a time, and that’s ok, you can work with that! i know because that’s where i was when i first started out.

luckily there are a lot of training programs that start at just about that level and progress to about 3mi/5k over 8 to 12 weeks. probably the best known is couch to 5k. you don’t have to buy anything, you can just work through that plan with a watch if you like.

but there are a ton of apps, ranging from free to a few bucks, that can help you by telling you when to start and stop running. search your app store for “5k” and you should find a bunch of options to check out!

i personally recommend zombies, run! 5k training (android, ios) if that sounds up your alley. you’ll have friendly characters guiding you (some of whom, i’m told, are revealed to be lgbt in the main app!), there’s some plot and occasionally zombies will chase you. you can check the full workout plan. (“free-form runs” mean you can run or walk as much as is comfortable.)

misc tips:

  • don’t feel like you necessarily HAVE to complete a program if you don’t want to, and remember you can repeat workouts if you need to and otherwise modify the program to suit your needs. when i first started out i did like half of couch to 5k and then just ran a mile a day for a long time and that was great for me. now i’m about to run a 5k and that’s great too. whatever works!
  • don’t worry about speed. you can always worry about it later, but feel free to run as slowly as you want. i run almost comically slowly. it’s cool! i’m still running!
  • MUSIC! ok this is maybe my best tip: find music with a beat that matches your pace so you’re running in time with the music. it is so amazingly motivating, i can’t understate it honestly. to figure out the right BPM for you, you could run for a minute and count your steps, or you could just try running to a song that’s, say, 160 BPM (a common sweet spot) and then try slower or faster ones next time if necessary. you can search for playlists of songs at a certain BPM (my favorite at 160 is “cold war” by janelle monáe!). there’s also an iphone app, spring, that will play you music at a certain BPM. but find some songs and try it! (update: my running playlist)
  • people told me to do this stretch when i had shin pain and it totally worked. also, i probably only had the pain in the first place bc i took like a month off and then resumed training at the same intensity instead of going back a few workouts like i should have, don’t be like me
  • if you have big thighs or other parts that are prone to chafing or blistering: bodyglide! works like a dream. other people swear by gel deodorant but i’ve never tried that

umm i think that’s it! sorry this got so long lol but i hope this is helpful!

State of the Township: June 2015

In the month since we launched the new, free-to-play Zombies, Run!, we’ve welcomed almost half a million new Runners Five to Abel Township. We’re really pleased to have so many new players helping save the world and getting fit in the process!

Just as importantly, we’ve been working hard on fixing bugs and improving the stability of the apps. It’s been a rocky process, which we apologise for, but even two weeks after launch, stability had improved significantly. On iOS, the app is now more crash-free than it’s ever been:

The Android graph looks great as well, but we don’t have enough data for it to look interesting!

We’re also pleased that new features like auto-play next mission, recap and teaser clips, improved external music player support, and adjustable chase difficulty have been received so well, along with iOS features like Apple Health support, and Android features like the live mission progress tracker.

And just this week we released updates for both iOS and Android:

iOS 4.0.2

  • Mission Progress icons shown on mission list
  • Game Volume control relative to music
  • Skip Track button (also on lock screen and Control Center)
  • Improved run sharing screenshot and details, including Facebook
  • FIX: Incorrect material/supply cost for upgrading buildings and expanding the base
  • FIX: Game voice now defaults to English

Android 4.0.8

  • Mission Progress icons
  • Mission Length setting
  • Adjustable Zombie Chases
  • FIX: Distance units (km/miles) respected across the app
  • FIX: Missions with decisions work properly
  • FIX: Various Statistics screen crashes
  • FIX: Scripted zombie chases now triggering properly

We know there are features that you dearly miss, like the Codex on Android. Starting from today, we’ll be regularly updating you on the changes and improvements we’re planning with Zombies, Run!

Next on Zombies, Run!

It’s hard to give precise dates for new features because the development process (and Apple review) is unpredictable. With that in mind, here’s what’s coming in the next two months, in rough order:


  • Edit and delete run logs
  • Autosharing run logs on Twitter and Facebook
  • FIX: Incorrect base display and syncing, e.g. buildings incorrectly showing as Level 1
  • Improved music and clip spacing to prevent game audio from interrupting music tracks
  • Split time graph in run logs
  • VoiceOver fixes and improvements
  • Zombie chase fixes and improvements
  • GPS accuracy improvements


  • Edit and delete run logs
  • Share run logs
  • Split time graph in run logs
  • Zombie chases fixes and improvements
  • Mission clip timing fixes and improvements
  • FIX: Clips and missions not ‘completing’ properly
  • Improved Statistics screen
  • Airdrop missions
  • Codex


  • FIX: ZR3 to ZR4 user migration
  • Run maps
  • Edit and delete run logs (with two-way syncing to apps)
  • Auto-sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Statistics
  • Codex

Throughout all of this we’ll continue to release two new Season 4 missions every week, with a brief mid-season hiatus in July.

A Brief Word

Thanks so much to the thousands of you who’ve already bought memberships in the new app - your support allows us to maintain and improve Zombies, Run! for years to come. Here’s what it means to us:

Our apps — Zombies, Run!, ZR 5k Training, The Walk, Superhero Workout, Step Buy Step, and Dungeon Runner — are made by a core team of under 15 people. In comparison, both Runkeeper and MapMyRun employ over 50 people, and Runtastic employs over 100 people. So we’re small, but we punch above our weight — especially given that we have over 1.5 million players. We couldn’t do that without your encouragement and enthusiasm for what we make.

We work hard to make our games the best they can be, and we know you have high expectations. We wouldn’t want it any other way: we want Zombies, Run! to be the best running game in the world. 

But it takes a lot of time and effort to do this, because while Zombies, Run! includes great ‘content’, it’s not just content. It’s not just a collection of MP3 files; it’s a way of turning recorded audio into an interactive, real world experience. 

Sometimes this is more linear, with our thrilling story missions that mix chases and item pickups and radio audio with your music; or sometimes this is more dynamic, with our race or airdrop or interval training missions where you can customise your experience. 

Zombies, Run! also relies on ZombieLink to deliver and sync content. This allows us to make improvements over time, like our recap and teaser clips, not to mention our run logs and backup service. 

Zombies, Run! is unlike any other app, book, audio drama, game or film. It’s a living, breathing system that thrives because of you. And your support and feedback helps us to reimagine how running can become a real-life adventure story, through both artistic and technological means. 

Like Zombies, Run!, iOS and Android are evolving, living systems. New features and devices are introduced and old ones are removed, giving us plenty of work to keep up. Then there are the ‘basic’ new features that we feel are essential for any modern running app, like Apple Health integration and streaming music support, let alone bigger innovations like heart rate monitors, the Pebble, Android Wear, Google Fit, and Apple Watch.

This year’s update is unusual, even for us. We’re working through a lot of technical debt; that’s why some features are temporarily missing or delayed. But this is in service of making the game faster and more stable than it has even been.

Like the inhabitants of Abel, we’re not zombies. We’re human. We love making Zombies, Run! and we’re so proud of how many lives our game has changed. We appreciate all your feedback, and we take it all on board as we work hard to give you the best running experience out there.

We’re really excited about the future of Zombies, Run! in the coming months and years. We have exciting plans for new features for the apps and website, along with brand new experiences for wearables and new places to extend the Zombies, Run! universe. 

The best running game in the world is going to get even better, and we hope you’ll keep running by our side for years to come.