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Rick “Rico” Genest aka Zombie Boy

Photographed by Maria Eriksson and styled by Liebe | Grooming: Aga Hodowana - Photographer: Aline & Jacqueline Tappia | Styling: Peter Cardona - Photographer: Karim Sadli | Styling: Nicola Formichetti

Zombie Apocalypse with: Junhwe

  • Him checking his reflection in a shovel 
  • “I miss Starbucks” 
  • Raiding the zombies for accessories 
  • Breaking into a drug store for hair products 
  • Talking SMACK about the zombies
  • Having to risk your life on the regular because he needs new outfits. 
  • Him bringing you back little things that reminded him of you.
  • You and Junhwe siting on a rooftop, drinking juice and rating the zombies outfits
  • “He probably has a better chance of getting laid now that he’s dead.”
  • “Junhwe! That’s so mean.”
  • “Can you be quiet!!”
  • Junhwe ruffling your hair after you both clear an area
  • “Do you have to do that every time?”
  • “Yes”
  • Tight hugs when you haven’t seen each other in a while
  • Him lying about how much he worries about you
  • Making you turn around when he gets dressed but watching every time you even look like you might take something off
  • “Do you think if she was alive, she’d think I was hot?”
  • Him not letting you leave the room until you tell him how handsome he looks
  • Random laughter that you learn not to ask about
  • “What’s so funny?”
  • “You remember that time you thought the door was locked but you just weren’t strong enough to open it.”
  • “Okay, June. Let’s stop the story there.”
  • “So you hit the nob with the bat until it came off.”
  • “Until there, June..”
  • “And then there were like 8 zombies in the room.”
  • “June, that wasn’t funny.”
  • “Your face was!”
  • Asking you if he looks good today
  • Him getting grossed out every. time. he gets blood on him
  • Grabbing your arm when he thinks he hears something
  • “It’s just disgusting!”
  • “Aren’t you used to it by now?”
  • “Hell, no.”
  • Him making grossed and disgusted faces at certain zombies
  • “Ewwwww! Look at this one.”
  • “No. I can’t kill it, y/n. It’s on you.”
  • “But Jun….”
  • “No. It’s too gross. I’m not going near it.”
Spindle, Spire - [37]

This fic is sponsored and commissioned by Megumi.  Thank you so much!  <3

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The shadows under the canopy swaddle the sun until it smothers.  Night comes on fast and strong, and there aren’t stars because the leaves blot them out.  Somehow that’s fine.  The wind goes sighing through the branches of the forest this dead city’s become, rasping and rustling, and the music of it’s so rare and sibilant and full that Marceline takes out her hand harp.  They haven’t built a fire—for all they know the mold’s flammable and might light the whole building up like an executive dynamo if put to a spark—but their eyes are doing okay, they’ve adjusted.  Marceline tunes the strings and Bonnibel squints at her.  The mutant’s been quiet a long time, looking out the window but not really seeing.  Now she attends.

“Is that really a good idea?” she says.  “The noise might attract things.”

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite storenvy shops?

Sigh a lot of the ones I used to follow are gone, but here are some (in no particular order): 


Tokyo Dolls / Harajuku Baby ….  Sandys Shop …. Love Junkee

Michelle Mignon …. Lunar Descent …. Melty Dream


Zombie Unicorn Jewelry …. Creepy Little Girl …. Dolly Milk

Creepy Yeha …. Glitter Bandits …. Eye Candy

Witchic Boutique …. Panda Shop …. La Boutique Demone

Black Milk Tea …. Nicole Elaine Closet …. Sweet Spirits

Holy Murasaki …. Kitten’s Playpen …. Angelic Party Shop

Pecha Poffin …. Cute Can Kill ….

Art & Decor:

Jennifer Healy …. Mel Stringer