zombie 8


For all the years I’ve been drawing Masque, I’ve RARELY drawn him without his masks, and have refrained from posting. But…but he’s just so goshdarn adorable/vulnerable (or ok yeah disturbing/frightening) when he doesn’t get to hide behind his theatrics (or ok yeah when he misses a few meals and starts deteriorating on all fronts). I couldn’t resist~ >w<


Haven’t forgotten Inktober/Drawlloween! But I need take some break from inktober… I have too much school work to do… :( So now I just have to focus on studies.

But here are my week and a half inktober pics :) Oldest on bottom and so on.

#day 5: hauntedhouse, #day 6: costume, #day 7: spider, #day 8: creature from black lagoon, #day 9: bat, #day 10: pumpkin, #day 11: 8-bit zombie, #day 12 owl, #day 13: reaper and #day 14: werewolf.

Apocalypse AU’s

Send a symbol for a starter, or send me “It’s the End!” for a randomly generated one.

1. ☄ Incoming asteroid

2. ☢ Nuclear holocaust 

3. ☣ Worldwide plague

4. ☎ Destruction of all technology

5. ❀ Destruction of all plantlife

6. ☼ Robot uprising

7. ☠ Zombies

8. ♒ Natural disaster

9. ✯ Alien invasion

10. ☹ Monster(s) attack

zombie apocalypse oc prompts

your ocs are all in the same apocalypse survival squad. what could possibly go wrong?

which oc…

1) is the squad leader?

2) tries to usurp the leader?

3) is the first to get bitten and turned?

4) gets bitten, but tries amputation? (whatever happens is up to you)

5) is the best at clean head shots?

6) is the best at using baseball bats, clubs, crowbars, or other close range blunt weapons?

7) successfully befriends/tames a zombie?

8) is the medic?

9) wants to find a settlement with lots of other people for safety reasons?

10) legit only survives because they’ve watched/read too many zombie apocalyptic stories or played too many first person shooters?

11) genuinely enjoys zombie hunting?

12) wonders if being a zombie really is as bad as it seems?

13) is on a side quest to find a missing loved one?

14) believes in a cure?