At last, we start in on the next episode, Which Witch is Which!

The gang is driving through a spooky swamp because reasons, and Shaggy’s not so sure about the whole thing.

They pull up to Mr. Obviously Not A Zombie, and Shaggy – backed up by the gang behind him – asks for directions.

…the gang, however, is nowhere to be seen during the shot of him asking?

Shaggy inevitably freaks out, they drive away, and once again we see the rest of the gang sitting right there behind him.

And then – best of all – it cuts back to the zombie…

…staring after them with the most-wonderful look of confusion ever.

“Uh… guys? What was that all about? Why’s the continuity on this show so wonky, anyway?”

  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Introduces "Simulated Adaptive Matrix" aka SAM, linked to you (sees what you see), supports you from the ark with situational awareness/problem solving, "There's a very specific relationship there. It's more of a partner than EDI was. You're way closer emotionally to SAM."
  • Internet: Speculation is SAM is a reanimation of your mother, or designed by your mother, which would make it like a sibling, so it's unlikely to be a romance option. Even outside of that, I don't imagine much interest for an AI that is not yet confirmed to eventually gain a body or-
  • Me: [grabs them by the shoulders, wild-eyed] Listen. I have been playing Zombies, Run! for four years. Please just let me have this.
When the zombie apocalypse hits
  • *green-ish hand rises from the dirt*
  • Me: *pulls myself up from my grave*
  • Me: ...ugh... fuck... who the frick frack brought me back
  • Me: *looks around and sees some fellow zombies*
  • Zombie: braaaaaaaaainsss
  • Me: ... ok so that hasn't changed
  • Me: I wonder what time it is
  • Me: 7am what the f-
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *mutters* fucking resurrect me at 7 fuck in the fucking morning
  • Me: *crawls back into grave*