Fuck youtube, I’m getting so tired of all this shit. A while back my music videos got taken down due to copyright laws and my old account even got BANNED, which I still haven’t gotten back (still have my backup account) and now this.

This shit screams disaster, not just for let’s players worldwide but for game companies who now won’t get free press from the let’s Players and mostly smaller game companies won’t get any recognition for their games through this! People like me go to youtube and watch peoples let’s plays to make sure a game is good, not the official gameplay where they show fuck all of how the game actually is. I’m so done with youtube.

*******: Also, you are from…
*******: I am from Russia
*******: What is your place?

ZombiDJ™: says on my steam page
ZombiDJ™: sweden

*******: And ***** said you are girl, unexpected to see a girl in steam

ZombiDJ™: why is that so unexpected?

*******: Cause i though, that steam doesn’t have girl’s accounts

ZombiDJ™: are you serious?
ZombiDJ™: girl accounts? :I
ZombiDJ™: so my gender is supposed to determine if I should be on steam or not?
ZombiDJ™: I’m not sure how old you are or what your view on gender equality is but it’s 2014 now.

******* is now Away.