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ok so in a zombie movie its always like “you get bit->you turn into a zombie” but usually it’s also like “you don’t actually turn into a zombie until you die”. now usually the specifics of that step are kind of irrelevant bc bite victims tend to die of blood loss or infection within a day or two at the absolute most.

But, if a bite victim were to get proper medical care, could they potentially avoid this? Is the zombie virus itself fatal? Or is it just that it tends to be transferred through fatal wounds? With proper care, could a bite victim live a full life, and then eventually die of natural causes? Can the zombie virus lie dormant? If a bite victim survived a Shaun of the Dead scenario could there be another outbreak decades later as original victims begin to die of old age? Could a dormant zombie virus be hereditary? Would it present in fetuses or infants immediately? Or could it remain dormant in them too, until their eventual deaths? Through breeding (and probable minor outbreaks), could it eventually become a thing that most - if not all - humans become zombies when they die, regardless of whether or not they’ve ever come in contact with a zombie?



Juju’s Top Animated Movies That Everyone Should See Just Once

1. Song of the Sea

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2. Coraline

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3. The Last Unicorn

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4. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

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5. Castle in the Sky

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6. The Road to El Dorado

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7. My Neighbors the Yamadas

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8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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9. The Emperor’s New Groove

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10. Yellow Submarine

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