zom bees

Signs as Bee Puns
  • Aries: All you have to do is "beelieve" in me
  • Tarus: You kids better beehive
  • Gemini: My blood type is BEE positive
  • Cancer: You are unBEElievably silly
  • Leo: You son of a bee-ch
  • Virgo: Zom-bees
  • Libra: Bee puns really sting
  • Scorpio: I would comb the internet for some bee puns for you, but I'm a bit buzzy right now.
  • Sagittarius: These bee puns are just winging it
  • Capricorn: BEE mine
  • Aquarius: Such a Buzz Kill
  • Pisces: When a bee is in your hand, what's in your eye?
  • Beauty -- It's in the eye of the bee-holder


Attack of the Zombie Parasites!!! So shows like The Walking Dead are full of hungry, mindless, surprisingly fleet-footed armies of brain-eating zombies, but could they actually exist? Are zombies real?

Of course not.

But maybe if you’re talking about zom-bees they are! This week I introduce you to some of nature’s strangest mind-controlling parasites, creepy creatures that make zombie slaves out of other organisms. 

This one will make your brain tingle. That’s just the awesome science, though… not a parasite. Promise!