Now listen here you little shit one tiny kudos does not fully express the how I feel when I read a good fanfic and I am no where near being able to express in words the shear heartbreak or pure happiness that these authors can make me feel so let me send another fucking kudos

  • Law: Me like Mugiwara-ya please.
  • Zoro: He can be so childish
  • Law: He doesn't think things through
  • Zoro: He just goes with the flow
  • Law: And just is amazingly strong
  • Zoro: Amazing leader
  • Law: His smile is brighter then the sun
  • Zoro: And when he's serious my heart skips a beat
  • Law: hahah same...
  • Zoro: ...
  • Law: ...
  • Zoro & Law: Let's keep this to ourselves...

ZoLu as requested by both @zoroshi​ and @uchihas-do-not-whine​ (who wanted a scene from Senpai by Yammatossenpai on AO3, so I picked one of my favs where Zoro and Luffy sit outside and share a beer with each other, I really love AUs with scenes that have absolutely nothing extraordinary happening but you know its like relatable in a way) Thank you guys!!

HMU with more requests! x