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Stunt Fatigue

I’m looking over my page and realizing it’s been ages since I posted ANYTHING. I think the Chernobyl stunt has been too much for me, and while I’ve been lurking and staying updated on my OT5, my Liam heart just hasn’t had the strength to create content throughout all this mess. And the fact that there are fans out there that will dissect the remotest wink from Harry to anyone that’s not Louis, but will just accept this disgusting bs narrative surrounding Liam drives me crazy.

 It’s so obvious none of them are “out free.” Even the ones with new management, or new record labels. Watching so-called Ziams slam Liam for these tiny pinches of shade thrown at Zayn is even more upsetting, because you guys should know who Liam is, and that everything we see from him right now is directed and approved by their demented overlords. So the next time you’re thinking about boycotting Liam, or Harry, or Niall (is there a jealous fuck out there that would boycott Niall? What is wrong with you? I don’t like slow hands either but the boy is sunshine incarnate), take a walk to the interwebs and google up modest management’s website. The second picture you see (after poor Nialler) is One Direction.

Still repped by modest. Still signed to Syco. And remember that this is only “hiatus” which means whatever they want it to mean. Which is probably this:

 One Direction will not be releasing any music or touring while Sony tries to push Harry Styles down your throats. In the meantime, expect the same stunt foolery you’ve come to expect from modest! management, as they’ve signed their souls over to us in blood. 

Since Louis already gave you “I knocked up a thottie at the club, but immediately started dating an actress because, hetero,“ our next trick will be Liam falls prey to the whole “sexy teacher wants a baby” storyline, because nothing sells hetero like an icky pedophilia-laced desperate woman scenario. It will be perfect to sell Liam’s new brand of teen pop. Meanwhile, Harry will write an album full of tired sexist tropes while promoting feminism, and wear a plethora of rainbows while reminding us all about him and Taylor Swift. Oh, and Niall’s gonna have brown hair now. It’s more manly.

So this is why I haven’t been posting. It’s all so gross. But at the same time, I love these boys so freaking much. I can’t quit them. And while I hate these disgusting narratives they are being forced to play out, I don’t believe them. And if I tuned out completely I would miss things like this:

Payne chain promo or not, I heart this with my entire soul. So eff you Simon & Co. you’re not going to ruin 1d for me.

anonymous asked:

Maybe I'm too sensitive but I'm a bit angry that when Zayn talked about how they didn't have freedom he was labeled as an ungrateful traitor but now that Liam and Harry are also saying similar things everyone one is proud that they are brave to expose Simon and Modest. It must be nice to be white. I'm glad they are speaking up about and they have every right to I just hate this fandom more and more everyday!

You’re definitely not too sensitive, nonnie! Zayn has always been and continues to this day to be the fandom’s favorite target. Nothing new there.

Just add it to the list of the fandom’s shitty behavior when it comes to Zayn:

  • All of Zayn’s SM shadiness gets taken at face value but not the other boys;
  • Every negative online rumor or tabloid story about him being a cheater, traitor, hardcore drug addict is readily accepted and disseminated throughout the fandom;
  • His music is deemed gross and try-hard for being too sexual but Niall’s isn’t;
  • All of his shady, narrative-filled print interviews are taken as a 100% accurate representation of Zayn’s views but not Harry’s;
  • His penchant for smoking weed is treated as shameful but not Louis’;
  • He gets slammed for not funding his mom’s friend’s fundraising efforts but neither Harry or Louis get the same backlash when their families do the same;
  • Hypocrites stalk and take pictures with him pretending that they admire and respect him but proceed to call him a terrorist and trash when he’s not within earshot;
  • Evidence of career sabotage against him is brushed aside and blamed on his shortcomings but the boys are treated as victims who must be protected and defended at all cost;

It goes on and on, nonnie. This fandom is a representation of the world at large. We share this fandom with the same type of trash that elected that orange turd to the highest office of the land, racist assholes who enjoy keeping POC down in order to elevate their white counterparts. 

However, Zayn is and shall continue to be successful in spite of their bullshit and double standards. For my part, I shall continue to take great joy in how much that must burn their collective asses.