REQUEST CONTEST WINNER! Congratulations Zollgax!!!! Your entry was randomly selected to be drawn! Sorry it took a while. This was very fun to draw when I finally got around to it. I’m definitely putting it in my portfolio. Hope you like it, and thanks again for following. 

To everybody else that entered, thanks, and there will be another contest in the future….

Cyclops Rock (Demo)
  • Cyclops Rock (Demo)
  • They Might Be Giants
  • TMBG UnLtd 01 (January)

tumblr user zollgax asked to hear the nixony “cyclops rock” demo! from unlimited:

We’ve got one eye. Dig? This song is our tribute to fallen heros Richard Nixon and Chuckie. Check out the Dans kicking the solo. This is a preview of our next album, but available now for your MP3 pleasure.

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zollgax asked:

how did i miss out on your kickass haircut??!!???

no but the best part is that it’s not a cut i literally figured out how to style my hair that way and now my hair can do anything my bisexual powers activated and look at me now <3

zollgax replied to your post: i think like 90% of my “nicer” clothing is purple…

Why is a vast amount of purple a problem?

i think my boss has only ever seen me wear purple

i wonder what she must think

i don’t want to be associated with the color purple it is not even my favorite color

i am not genuinely distressed by this btw but it is a pretty amusing coincidence

check it

also it’s annoying because i really dig those purple jeans but I can’t wear a purple shirt with those esp considering I wear my rage hoodie around a lot

matching is for squares but i’ve built myself into a square trap