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Zokusho is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Paul Corn, and drawn by Landon and Brandon Franklin! It updates three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

People come and people go, but they are all connected. In the case of Zokusho, they are connected by the Interplanes, gateways between countless alternate dimensions. And while the people and places may be different, one constant between each and every dimension is the presence of magic.

Against the back drop of mafia ties and dirty jobs, Zokusho follows the lives of several different figures, their jobs, and their interactions. From mind readers to unemployed mafia hitmen to snipers held together with necromancy to demonic hordes and everything between, it takes a lot to live in such a world - let alone a multiverse!

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Zokusho is an interesting blend of crime drama with urban fantasy, and while it isn’t always explored to the fullest extent the concept alone is worth the price of admission. The art, while awkward from time to time, has great paneling and really goes to town on the backgrounds, and gives a good sense of the frantic pace of life that the characters have to deal with.

Do you want a story about dimension-hopping, magic-flinging guns for hire? That depends from story to story, but there’s bound to be one character arc in here that fantasy and/or crime drama readers can enjoy. And there’s a pretty sizeable archive, so give it a look-through!

Zokusho contains violence and occasional gore/body horror, and is suitable for teens and up.

Thanks to the folks at zokusho for the suggestion!

Crossier no. 001--Magic

All right, this seems as good a place as any to start…

Magic is an elemental force that permeates through the entire Zokusho multiverse.  There are places where it’s more abundant (Interplanes), and places where it’s almost completely gone (former warzones like Terra Prime).  People have learned to harness magic power in many ways (magic items will come up in future installments), but the most direct approach is wizardry.

Wizards find ways to bend the magical energy around them into a form that allows them to do all kinds of things, from enhancing physical abilities, to throwing around various types of elemental energy, to flight.  Because a demand for mages in various fields is high, many schools have been set up to train people to properly use magic (one of the most prestigious being Arrington University).

Training in combat magic (magic missiles, fireballs, lightning bolts, etc), however, is heavily restricted by the Interplanar government, in a similar manner to heavy assault weapons.  Particularly intelligent/resourceful people are able to puzzle out the intricacies of casting certain combat spells, but since the concepts behind elemental magic tend to build on each other (i.e. Magic Missile–>Fireball–>Meteor swarm), it is very rare for someone without government clearance to be able to cast higher level battle magic without being caught using the lower level stuff earlier on.

Magic weapons are a whole other can of worms, but I’ll save details on that for another post–also, some of those details will be covered in an upcoming issue, so I’ll let that run first so I don’t repeat myself too much.

It’s kind of fun rambling about this stuff–I’ll talk about some other things another time, and if you have any questions for me about the comic, don’t hesitate to ask me–I love talking about my work!