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Has any of you seen Avatar the last airbender? What benders DAO companions (including Loghain) would be?

I love Avatar the Last Air Bender so this was a lot of fun to think about. I really thought about the styles of each element when deciding these but I’ll a brief explanation of reasonings.

Alistair: Earthbender- this style is strong in both offense and defense, and I think that matches up with Alistair’s fighting style.

Morrigan: Waterbender- this style is extremely diverse in what it can do and it reminds me of how much it seems she can do, especially in Inquisition.

Leliana: Airbender- this style matches very well with her style of fighting as a bard. Plus airbenders tend to use an opponent’s force against them, similar to Leliana.

Dog: Nonbender- since I don’t think the Dog can be a bender, however if I had to choose one, then probably Earthbender like the blind badgermoles.

Sten: Firebender- this style is all based on power and is very direct and I feel that this is like the Qunari fighting style.

Zevran: Airbender- the airbender’s style is very agile and flexible which match with his assassin’s skills. Plus the ever changing life style of most airbenders seem similar to Zevran’s life with the Crows.

Wynne: Waterbender- because healing… duh. Though really this style is the easiest to use in other ways than fighting and that seems logical for her.

Shale: Firebender- while Earthbender seems like the logical choice for her, Shale seems to use mainly just force and power in her fighting, leading me to firebending over earthbending.

Oghren: Earthbender- again the important offense and defensive style matches with his fighting style. Though firebending might be a good choice too, I feel that Oghren’s strong personality matches up more with the earthbending discipline.

Loghain: Firebending- his style of fighting and thirst for power match to this discipline to me. Also I imagine that his style is more like the normal Fire Nation style than the true style that Zoko and Aang learn for the dragons.

-Direct from Orzammar