Zoke Week Day 1: First Impression

I imagined this big scenario of Mike and Zoey getting pushed around while the other contestants were rushing to get on the ship and they ended up running into one another. I wanted to do a short comic but got lazy. :( So I drew Mike picking up a bag that got knocked out of Zoey’s hand (probably by Lightning or Scott let’s be honest), and sweet Mike of course picks it up for her only for them both to suddenly feel hope that they won’t be alone anymore!

It’s Zoke Week! And I am so NOT late…Well I tried doing TD style and kept feeling like everything was getting worse and worse. Next time we’ll just go with a style I’m more comfortable with I think. Ugh I suck.

Zoke Week poll is now close

It is now closed!

The 2017 Zoke Week poll is now officially close! I like to thank everyone who voted on this poll

I shall tally the votes and posts them very soon! Again, thank you very much, everyone

Zoke for life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😁😁😁😁😁😁

Zoke week day 1- first impressions

I hope you like it!!

Mike PoV-
I did it. I had actually gotten on to total drama: revenge of the island. And the voices inside of my head had taken notice. Their opinions ranged from annoyed (Chester), to bored (Vito), to congratulatory (Svetlana). Nevertheless, I was determined to go through with this. Now how I would tell my parents that I was going…..
Zoey PoV-
Ohmygod. Ohmygod! OHMYGOD! When I received the letter from total drama saying that was going on the show, well, lets just say that my parents had never seem me this excited. I’ve been watching total drama since the beginning as a distraction from the jerks in my town. But enough of that. Now to go pack for Camp Wawanakwa!
Sadly, the two teens did not arrive at the same port to get on the boat (Canada’s a big place you know!). Mike had arrived about twenty minutes before the redhead, and being one of the first people on the boat royally sucked. The only other people there were a girl who seemed absorbed with a can of hairspray, some weird jock who talked in third person and “sha” a lot, and finally, a girl who would not stop talking for the life of her. After walking around the boat bored for a while, the boat came its next stop and picked up two new contestants. One was a boy who seemed to be way to young to be on total drama and kept freaking out about birds and things like that. The other…..wow. A girl with bright-hair pulled up into short pigtails. She was smiling, but it was still very obvious that the girl was nervous. So while Mike stood therestaring, the girl could not help but to take notice of the tall boy with spiky hair. ————————————————- Zoey PoV- There was a boy staring at me. Did I look weird? Did I do something wrong? Was he expecting something different? Everyone was checking out the competition but he had seemed to take a special interest in me. I walked over and extended my hand. “Hi, I’m Zoey!” —————————————————

Mike PoV- “Hi, I’m Zoey!” Her words shook me out of a daze. At least no one had came out while I distracted. I think. “What’s your name?” She asked after a moment of silence. “M-Mike. I’m Mike.” Wow. I am really bad at this. Zoey didn’t seem to take notice though. She’s cute. ————————————————— Zoey PoV- He’s cute. Definitely cute.
  • zoey: *guitar riff* zoke *piano smash* zoey *bangs on drums* mike
  • zoey: *JUMPS OUT WINDOW*
  • zoey: slow down there

Zoey sighed softly, remembering her day. It had been her day at school. The problem was that she had no friends, she hadn’t had friends for a while. The most interaction she got at school was the boys pulling at her hair or teasing her. All the girls steered clear of Zoey.

The girl sat up, pulling her knees to her stomach. “I must be the most miserable child in the world.”

A few states away, a boy shakily sits in a sandy cave at the top of a cliff. Mike doesn’t know where he is, why he’s there, or how he got there. Everything hurts. Tears are streaming down his face, his teeth chattering. He can’t cry. He can’t sob. He doesn’t have real problems, does he? “T-there are still a lot of sadder kids than me.” He says, repeating it after. Just like dad always says.

Day 2: Childhood

I’m not sure how many of the actual prompts I’m going to do but I wanted to do this one because… Well? I dunno. Inspiration I guess.

(Today could possibly being incredibly busy for me due to travel, so I’m typing this post and scheduling it a bit earlier than normal. I doubt anything will be out of date since it’s only twelve hours earlier than I usually do, but I’m noting that just in case.)

And so Zoke Week draws to a close! Thank you so much, everyone, for contributing! I hope you all had a great time!

The blog is now closed to off prompt submissions. On prompt submissions will continue to be accepted until Wednesday, January 6, at 12:00 AM EST. I’m allowing an extra day because travel means I won’t be around much today, and I don’t want to punish other people because of that. (I know a lot of this year’s submitters are from other time zones; use Google to find out what time that is for you!)

Normally, this would be the part where I mention tentative dates for the next Zoke Week, but… I don’t think that’s happening.

It’s been a fun ride, hasn’t it? Back when only-spinning suggested this in 2013, I wasn’t sure how many other people would be on board. But for three Weeks in a row, we’ve managed to have a great, creative, drama-free event, and I’m glad I was around for it all.

But I don’t think I can do this anymore.

There’s a lot of personal reasons surrounding this, and I don’t want to turn this into a vent post, so I’ll leave it at that. Personal reasons. This isn’t a decision made quickly or lightly; I wondered if this was the end back in November, when I first announced it. I guess I didn’t say anything back then because I hoped these feelings would change. I hoped hosting the Week again would spark something good.

But there was no great spark, no great revelation. If anything, the personal reasons only grew.

I’m glad everyone had a fun time, but this may be the end.

I still love Zoke; at this point, nostalgia and everything I’ve invested through fanfic probably means I always will. I’ll continue to partake in fanwork, both consumption and creation. But I don’t know if I can continue to host an organized, widely-advertised event for it.

I’m keeping this blog; memories mean it’d be much too difficult to part with it. I’m not deleting it or handing over control. I guess if someone else wants to run a Zoke Week, they can make a blog of their own? That might be tricky, though, without any current method of organizing fandom events as far as I’m aware…

Maybe twelve months will change things and I’ll come back. But then, maybe they won’t. I don’t know, and unfortunately, I’m leaning toward “won’t”.

Thank you for your participation over the years. Thank you, and so long.