Zoke Week Day 1: First Impression

I imagined this big scenario of Mike and Zoey getting pushed around while the other contestants were rushing to get on the ship and they ended up running into one another. I wanted to do a short comic but got lazy. :( So I drew Mike picking up a bag that got knocked out of Zoey’s hand (probably by Lightning or Scott let’s be honest), and sweet Mike of course picks it up for her only for them both to suddenly feel hope that they won’t be alone anymore!

It’s Zoke Week! And I am so NOT late…Well I tried doing TD style and kept feeling like everything was getting worse and worse. Next time we’ll just go with a style I’m more comfortable with I think. Ugh I suck.


This is Host Irk, and together with Host Marie, we’re going to be hosting Zoke Week! Submissions are opening today! Here are our prompts:

December 29: First Impression

December 30: Childhood

December 31: Christmas

January 1: Secrets

January 2: Date

January 3: Thunderstorm

January 4: Faith

You don’t need to follow the prompts, of course; anything goes! They’re just there to give you a push if you don’t otherwise know what you want to do. Non-prompt pieces will be mixed in with prompt pieces throughout the week.

Drawing, writing, image editing - as long as it’s related to Zoke, we’ll accept it!

(The only rule is that this blog defines Zoke as Zoey/Mike - therefore, anything pairing Zoey with an alter will not be accepted. Alters are allowed in the pieces, of course, but the implication must remain that Mike and Zoey are the ones with feelings for each other, without involving the others. Other than that, go nuts!)

We’re looking forward to what the fandom has to offer!

~Host Irk

Zoey sighed softly, remembering her day. It had been her day at school. The problem was that she had no friends, she hadn’t had friends for a while. The most interaction she got at school was the boys pulling at her hair or teasing her. All the girls steered clear of Zoey.

The girl sat up, pulling her knees to her stomach. “I must be the most miserable child in the world.”

A few states away, a boy shakily sits in a sandy cave at the top of a cliff. Mike doesn’t know where he is, why he’s there, or how he got there. Everything hurts. Tears are streaming down his face, his teeth chattering. He can’t cry. He can’t sob. He doesn’t have real problems, does he? “T-there are still a lot of sadder kids than me.” He says, repeating it after. Just like dad always says.

Day 2: Childhood

I’m not sure how many of the actual prompts I’m going to do but I wanted to do this one because… Well? I dunno. Inspiration I guess.

Zoke Appreciation Week is in three weeks!

I know that… recent events in the fandom and the show… haven’t been so good. But I still wanna run this! I can’t be the only one, right?

If this is the first you’re hearing of this, hello! Zoke Appreciation Week, a week to celebrate the relationship between Mike and Zoey, is December 29 - January 4, and we’re looking for submissions for the week! A list of rules and prompts can be found here. You can contact me or Marie with any questions - I’d recommend me, though, since I know Marie’s pretty busy right now.

Have a great day!

~Host Irk

Zoke Appreciation Week is in two weeks!

I know it’s Doey Week - and I promise I’m not trying to cut in on you guys. I made my plan to post about Zoke Week every Sunday in December before I knew that Doey Week was a thing. It’s just a coincidence! Just let me make this post, then I’ll go away until next week, honest.

I just want to let newbies to the tag know that Zoke Week, a week to celebrate the ship of Mike/Zoey, starts on December 29, and we’re still open to fanwork submissions! For a list of rules and prompts, see here. You can contact me, Irk, if you have any questions. Marie is also running this with me, but she’s currently busy, so it’d be best if you directed all questions to me for a while.

That’s all. Have a great day!

~Host Irk


Who’s excited? I’m excited!

I’m sure most of the tag knows what’s going on by now, but I did see at least one person who just found out about this earlier in the week, so it’s safe to assume this could still reach new eyes. Hey, everyone! December 29 kicks off Zoke Week!

Zoke Week is an appreciation week for the ship of Mike/Zoey, and we’re still looking for submissions. Art, writing, image edits, anything! There’s a list of prompts and rules here - but it’s cool if you don’t want to follow a prompt, you can send anything! Just submit it to this blog here and it’ll get posted during the Week!

You can contact me or Marie with any questions you may have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great day! See you once things officially start!

~Host Irk

Zoke Week Rules (Update)

Here are the rules for Zoke Week

1. The Zoke art and fanfics must be rated PG-13

  • Even though NSFW was a choice in the poll, I won’t allow any thing that is not for young kids be allowed in this year’s Zoke Week

2. No Zoke hate art at all

  • It’s not a week to post Anti-Zoke art, it’s a week to show how much we care about Zoke….

3. Anyone who is participating can do the choosing prompts for this year or can do past prompts from the previous Zoke Weeks

  • Or if you don’t want to, you can draw your own Zoke Week art.

4. You can post a Zoke Week entry early or late. Just not too early okay

5. You can not…AT ALL! Bash another TD couple, whether it’s a canon, fanon, crack or even a OC X Character ship at all! It’s not a week to show that Zoke is better than any other TD ship, it’s a week to show how much we care about Zoke…that’s all.

6. You can also add couples to your artwork or fic if you like to.

  • Just remember….it’s Zoke Week

7. No stealing any other artists’ artwork. We’re very serious, you must draw your own artwork or write your own fanfic…


9. Notify me and/or my co-helpers on your artwork or fanfics okay 

10. You can draw your artwork in any kind of style