zoids: new century 0


Zoids Icons - Lineart for coloring

I don’t have time to do a full month of Inktober, but I did have time to make some icons! These are all inked traditionally.

I removed the white background off the scans to make rough lineart for coloring, so feel free to color your own if you want, just credit me/link back to this if you post it! Once I get around to coloring these myself I’ll be posting them to my main. I’ve got a second set I’m almost finished with too. 


HMM Gun Sniper Leena Special!

Finished building and detailing this ridiculous model, so many guns! Building the wild weasel unit took just as long as building the actual Gun Sniper, and even longer to detail. But I think it would have looked a lot more boring had I not given the weapons some paint. I just wish I knew how to do some of the weathering the model on the instructions had on the guns. But that probably requires an airbrush of some sort which I don’t have. Anyways, I’m still pleased with how it turned out! I think I’d like to do this level of detailing for all future HMM models, and maybe go back and work on some old ones too.