Proper photos to come when my actual camera is charged and everything has finished curing nicely overall, but for the most part my Storm Sworder FSV, colloquially dubbed the Azula Version, is done.

Iridescent high flame swords and all. And me going crazy and panel lining in gold enamel.

Leaving the standard silver on the kit with the FSV clear wings and their gold boosters was just… wrong. I’m very glad I went gold crazy.

You can also tell that the storm sworder mould is pretty much at it’s end for Tomy. There were a few issues with build fit for the legs and I will for the first time ever be cycling this through with batteries to see if I can find a stable position, but unlike other sworders I’ve built in the past this one has no flat-footed median balance point.

I still love it HEAPS.

Also helped buff kyuofcosmic’s Geno Ritter swords since they used buffing aluminum enamel and stabbed my hand. 10/10 amazing over the top blades would recommend for murder. 


Teammate: James pointed his guns away and stopped a good distance from the people on the ground.

Mission Mod: One of the guards yelled “You call that no harm?” he pointed towards the gojulas.

Luc: “It’s not shooting.”


Mission Mod:“I said don’t move!” Shouted the leader of the security detail.

Luc: “What happened to raising our hands?”

oh, then there was the time someone forced him to give them the keys to something and …

“After all your hard work to catch Desmond, you’re just gonna let her set him free?” She asked in a panic as soon as the gag was removed. Luc smirked. “I hope he doesn’t get free. If those keys open the door to that store room, then something weird happened. Those were my spare car keys."