zoids model kit


Slowly, slowly finishing this project.  Head, legs, and body done, now just finishing up the armor. 

I’m spinning my wheels on the armor a little since a lot of imperfections don’t show up until you prime so I’m stuck in an endless cycle of prime -> sand -> putty -> sand -> prime and repeat. :/

Last two pictures show the wiring in the neck.  Manage to hide it by cutting out the plastic ‘cables’ molded as the kit and replacing them with the actual wires.

If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns feel free to shoot me an ask/ message/ whatever Tumblr uses.  I don’t post often but I’m usually kicking around the zoids tag. >.>


I’ve been working on this all week. Custom HMM Liger Zero Phoenix Conversion. Basically modified a Hasbro Fire Phoenix kit into compatible armor for HMM Liger Zero. My goal was to make it removable, and I am happy I managed it! Also gave it a paint job, deeper richer red than the light red Hasbro paint, and gold rather than the Hasbro yellow. I tried making it look more like it does in the anime. I am happy with how he turned out since aside from the Blue Leoblaze I last posted, I’ve never painted a kit before.


The first photos of the colored HMM Death Stinger and the Blade Liger Prototype have been revealed!

Updates to Kotobukiya’s site have revealed the colors of the HMM Death Stinger! Also, images of a new, as-of now lineless Blade Liger! Is it ZA? Is it a special model included with the Koto Exclusive Stinger? More info will surely be released soon. News has been quiet about the Stinger for a while, but it appears it will make a 2015 release! The colors are more muted than the anime version most fans are familiar with, but fear not, there is an anime-accurate version!

… that is exclusive to the Kotobukiya store.

This version does come with Hiltz and Ambient, and there’s no sign of the regular edition coming with the familiar duo. More info as it arrives!


I’ve had this old TOMY Dibison for a while now. Decided to practice weathering without using Tamiya Weathering which is what I mainly use. Tried out with paint this time.

Also building a TOMY/Hasbro kit feels so silly after building so many Kotobukiya ones.

And Dibison’s hooves and horns are metal! Is this like with Japanese (TOMY) Blade Ligers having metal fangs and claws, while the American (Hasbro) one had them in plastic?