zoids century zero


Exam is done and now back to work on Panzer.  Updates should be more regular now since I’m not studying like crazy. I’d say about 75% of this kit is finished so have some legs and body.

It’s so tempting to snap together for a picture but I need to keep the parts separated until I can feed the hybrid cannon wires through. Dx

Goal is to have this guy done by the end of the month.  I’m so ready to move on to another project as this was a 7 month build from start to finish. >.>


Zoids Liger 00 Honoo Custom

Geeky Description: A unique Liger Zero, with armor made from gundanium alloy. Equipped with high output boosters this zoid is capable of very high speed, and due to their design they can easily be turned or rotated, making for fast turning and strafing. It’s main method of attack is the large blades on each side, which can be lowered or raised, very similar to the blade liger. It is also equipped with twin buster rifles mounted on the wing boosters. Additionally it has a Wing Shield on the left front leg with an anti-beam coating and one beam sword stored inside. What makes this Zoid truly formidable is the inclusion of a Zero system, a pilot/combat computer interface that is very difficult to master and has been noted to drive pilots mad or even kill them. Use of an Organoid is theoretically possible, but not recommended.

Model Description: Woo ok, so in a nutshell this is a mixture of an HMM Liger Zero, and a 1/144 scale Wing Gundam Zero Honoo custom, with HMM Zero Schnieder parts thrown into the mix as well. I was sad to scrap my fresh new gundam for this project, but I’m not really into collecting 1/144 scale gundams anyway. The wings ended up being I think, the perfect size for the liger zero, big enough to be cool, but small enough to be functional boosters. The Honoo custom blades were what really sold the idea of making this, I hope one day a 1/100 scale version of this gundam comes out. This is definatly one of my new favorites, I love the shield even though I’m not sure if it’s that functional on a zoid, eh I did what I could with it. Oh yeah and I made Fiona from Chaotic Century the pilot, always wondered what her personal zoid would be, probably not this lol but it’s nice to give her one. Since shes a Zoidian I thought maybe she can handle a zero system, or maybe it’ll drive her crazy, I dunno either way would be interesting, Lemme know what you think!

Takara Tomy opened a new website on Monday that teases, “a new ZOIDS project has started!” and the phrase “coming soon.” The image features the Lion-type Zoid Shield Liger and the image of a male soldier.

TOMY launched the Zoids science-fiction mecha franchise as a model kit line in 1983. Michiro Ueyama drew a 14-volume manga series for the franchise in 1999-2001 that Viz Media released in English under the title Zoids Chaotic century in 2002-2003. The manga inspired the ZOIDS: Chaotic Century TV anime series that aired in 1999-2000 and Viz Media released on home video. Three more anime series followed: Zoids/ZERO in 2001, Zoids: Fuzors in 2003-2004, and Zoids Genesis in 2005-2006. Cartoon Network aired Zoids Chaotic century, Zoids/ZERO, and part of Zoids: Fuzors.

The franchise has also inspired a line of video game series for consoles, handheld consoles, PC, arcades, and mobile phones.