zoid model


A chart for countless Liger Zero color variations, all split among various media. If there are any missing from this list, please let me know~ Kotobukiya colors are intentionally excluded.


I remember finding this years ago! It’s so cool!
It’s the diaclone commercials dialed up to 11


We went to my aunt’s house today, which is very close to the Anaheim Hills fire going on right now. Standing in the backyard we could even see some of the flames in the distance. The smoke was so thick it looked like a bad storm and even partially obscured the sun. It made for some very nice photos though, with some very unique lighting.  

Posted photos to my twitter of the scene just a few hours into the fire here if you’re curious.


Human Controlled evolution; living, breathing machines. [Photoset of custom HMM Liger Zero ‘Icarus Zero’]

A companion photoset to my other post about Icarus Zero [here], with a more Deus Ex-flavour. It was a bit of a challenge, photographing a gloss black kit in front of a gloss game package and the Deus Ex artbook but I think they turned out well! The LED lighting is fully integrated into the body of the kit and is designed to simulate overheating/core melt from excess power consumption.

Below the readmore is a bit of Deus Ex flavour text/world building and ‘technical spec sheet’ of Icarus Zero. It’s ‘creation’ places it after the ending of the video game: Deus Ex;Human Revolution.

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Liger Zero Eve 2.1 patch notes:

  • fixed glitches in paint
  • Adjusted colors
  • now twice as sparkly as before

So glad I finally got around to fixing up her paint. The blue was thin or missing in some spots, and the previous silver I used was much duller. I also replaced the purple, added some navy, replaced the original blue on the HMM Liger Zero which was sun bleached, and replaced the dull gold of the claws with something much nicer.  Overall I think she looks much better!

Paints used: Tamiya Color: silver/gloss navy, Testors: gold, gloss light blue, grape pearl gloss (acrylic)


1/72 Kotobukiya ZOIDS - HMM 020 - Lightning Saix

A cool model kit I quickly took a photo of before, but never really followed up to do it justice…until now! It’s super tight and super sleek. And someday, I’ll build the rest of the ZOIDS in my backlog…right after the 50+ Gundams waiting to be built as well. ><’


HMM Command Wolf- RHI-3

This is the first Zoid I’ve really detailed and decaled to this degree, and I love how it turned out!  Tried to follow the image in the instruction booklet pretty closely, as well as the photos from the professionally detailed model. Painted several small areas on the model including the ears, the ridges and the orange ring on the armor, and the green on the canopy (using toothpicks!). Did some panel lining and added the water slide decals, taking some artistic liberty as to where they were placed. 

First time using gundam markers, they’re pretty nice and easy to use, even for someone like me with pretty unsteady hands. Its a little messy in some places but overall I think i did a pretty decent job on this. Decals were a pain though. I like waterslide decals but when they don’t work they can be very frustrating. I’m lucky they included extra of the ones used on the leg armor, as one ended up falling off. I wasn’t even sure when or where it had, I just noticed it was gone! XD 


Finally got around to retaking that shot I loved now that the Luc figure is painted and I have another hangar section. Then the cockpit fell open for another cool shot (Bit had fallen out during posing; I put him back afterwards)

And then I decided to move Luc and Kat off the catwalk because they kept falling over and getting stuck to where I needed tweezers to get them out. And Specula from my HMM Psycho Geno looks enough like Kat’s Noid, Rei that she made for a nice prop.

A team meeting? But where are Skye and Kai? What could they be discussing?