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Human Controlled evolution; living, breathing machines. [Photoset of custom HMM Liger Zero ‘Icarus Zero’]

A companion photoset to my other post about Icarus Zero [here], with a more Deus Ex-flavour. It was a bit of a challenge, photographing a gloss black kit in front of a gloss game package and the Deus Ex artbook but I think they turned out well! The LED lighting is fully integrated into the body of the kit and is designed to simulate overheating/core melt from excess power consumption.

Below the readmore is a bit of Deus Ex flavour text/world building and ‘technical spec sheet’ of Icarus Zero. It’s ‘creation’ places it after the ending of the video game: Deus Ex;Human Revolution.

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Another random zoid thought
In the model line all zoid cores are the same, but is that how it should be? Wouldn’t different evolutionary lines have different cores? For Example, should it be impossible to implant a liger core in a tyrannosaur body? I’m omitting giant zoids like ultrasaurus, based on the anime it has a giant zoid core so it wouldn’t fit in anything but another giant zoid.


Shield Liger has front leggies! 

He’s almost done but boy has he been trouble to build lately. Legs were fine but putting them on the body was so frustrating. If I’m not lazy, I’ll take them off and glue the front leg joints as they keep coming apart. I already had to remove the bottom bar that connects to the gold pieces on the one I broke as it kept getting stuck. I really wish they had gone for the same style joint used in the back legs, its much better in my opinion. 

All thats left are the back legs and then fixing the paint/ painting the details and he’ll be done. He still needs a name though, any suggestions?


So I’ll just put it out there the number one spot to buy older model zoids in Japan I have ever found is Mandarake at Nakano in Tokyo.

For anyone who does go there be warned it is a very unique setup. It’s like an old style obsolete multi story shopping centre which Mandarake seemed to occupy most of. There are roughly 30 Mandarake shops in the one shopping centre! Good luck finding the one which stocks zoids. Worth it when you do because there are lots.

To help, the picture of the store front is above. And it is on Level 2 in front of the stairway.

And remember foreigners can buy tax free. At this particular Complex you have to bring your purchases up to the next level to the service desk to obtain the tax refund. So don’t forget your passport.


Zoids Liger 00 Honoo Custom

Geeky Description: A unique Liger Zero, with armor made from gundanium alloy. Equipped with high output boosters this zoid is capable of very high speed, and due to their design they can easily be turned or rotated, making for fast turning and strafing. It’s main method of attack is the large blades on each side, which can be lowered or raised, very similar to the blade liger. It is also equipped with twin buster rifles mounted on the wing boosters. Additionally it has a Wing Shield on the left front leg with an anti-beam coating and one beam sword stored inside. What makes this Zoid truly formidable is the inclusion of a Zero system, a pilot/combat computer interface that is very difficult to master and has been noted to drive pilots mad or even kill them. Use of an Organoid is theoretically possible, but not recommended.

Model Description: Woo ok, so in a nutshell this is a mixture of an HMM Liger Zero, and a 1/144 scale Wing Gundam Zero Honoo custom, with HMM Zero Schnieder parts thrown into the mix as well. I was sad to scrap my fresh new gundam for this project, but I’m not really into collecting 1/144 scale gundams anyway. The wings ended up being I think, the perfect size for the liger zero, big enough to be cool, but small enough to be functional boosters. The Honoo custom blades were what really sold the idea of making this, I hope one day a 1/100 scale version of this gundam comes out. This is definatly one of my new favorites, I love the shield even though I’m not sure if it’s that functional on a zoid, eh I did what I could with it. Oh yeah and I made Fiona from Chaotic Century the pilot, always wondered what her personal zoid would be, probably not this lol but it’s nice to give her one. Since shes a Zoidian I thought maybe she can handle a zero system, or maybe it’ll drive her crazy, I dunno either way would be interesting, Lemme know what you think!


Here she is, my very own Liger Zero Red Hiou! She is so beautiful, I absolutely love her. I also took a few pictures of her next to Heartbreak, my own rendition of the Red Hiou. (I even stole a few decals from her to put on Heartbreak, since I had no idea  where any of the decals actually went.) So happy to have her!


Photoset of Masterpiece series Saber Tiger [Darkest Lariat]

I knew I’d be customising my MP Saber Tiger the moment I got it, but I was stumped for ideas until I saw a Saber Tiger skin available on the new (JPN only) mobile game, Zoids: Rebellion. I loved the funky white eyeliner and the super cherry red/black combo. I mixed it up with some more gunmetal underbody.

I rather like how thoughtful the design of this motorised kit is. I like you CAN display or use the motor function without the armour [video here] and I love the twist cap mechanism vs the old rubber cap of the older style TOMY motorised kits.

The underbody is painted in various shades of graphite and magnesium powder paint and buffed to a shine to give a more metallic look than the original cast plastic.

The red I used was hand mixed and glazed; using a mix of Mr Colour paints. I love how utterly vibrant it is in person but it is suffering™ to photograph without it looking streaky. It’s super glossy and reflects light so much it caused lens flares when shooting photos outside. Inside it didn’t reflect enough ambient light and I wasn’t even going to attempt using a flash.

Also attempted to use waterslide decals to make the clear red pieces have a bit more pop; I think they work well and tie into the white facial stripe. A little detail I loved was the tiger striping cast into the shoulder pieces. 

As much as enjoyed building this kit, unless they come out with a must-have kit, I’ll pass on collecting them. I personally prefer the dynamism of HMM kits/ZA line.

I’ll upload a video of the armored walk cycle/light function to my modelling blog, @technofortomcats shortly!