zoid game


 In Zoids news,  Zoids field of Rebellion has now been released! (Japan only though sorry)And here is the revealed video for that teaser we were  given earlier. 

  And might want check out the other version of this video too, just slight differences:



  The zoids world game graphics are becoming phenomenal. Just some of the latest additions include Liger zero, Jager, Schneider and Panzer. 

   As well as upgrades so that scenery can be seen with some detail from a distance. It’s become one of those games where I’ll find myself stopping just to look at the view. 

 And there’s now also weather! (rain, fog, Thunder and lighting.)

 As per usual, link to the creators twitter page: https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou/status/854097065801957377

Note: (only financial supporters get to play the regular updates, everyone else has to wait for the free public version later in the year or download the older one) which can be found/explained here:



 I’ve been playing some zoids field of rebellion, So Screenies!

    My primary zoid is a Red shield Liger, Though everyone starts off with a white command wolf as the standard. You’re playing with real people of course, Many of whom can be found Twitter which is good I’ve had to be in teams/ fight against several people I know from there.  It is rather repetitive but knowing people and a love of zoids is generally what’s keeping my interest anyway. And wanting to obtain new weapons.

 Alright I finally got an xbox controller in and was able to do some proper running around in the Zoids world trial. 

   The zoids are amazing, I love their moves, and the level is bigger than I thought, it has the shallow water sand area, the urban area, grassy hills and the Ultrasaurus to investigate.

  Oh lovely view of Ultra 

Yep, much bigger up close

Take THAT bigger dinosaur 

Bath time

 See that white square thing, Touch it you are DEAD, Literally. It kills you

Even kills your zoid, Extreme trip hazard

 Well, That was silly of me

Never parking there again, thankfully my hoverboard worked underwater

  Top parking job At both ends, really.  That Knife tail.

 Crocodile berserk fury , When there is no task  to perform glitches are an enjoyable thing. 

 Cars! Probably terrified the poor things

They don’t build these roads for large mechanical dinosaurs.

 Help, stuck.

Less dignifying from the other side. I… Had to reset the game because of this.

 I have created a Berserk fury Caesar Liger centaur monster thing…..And I left the boosters on, shit. 

 No Liger, that is not your Bunk bed

That is your bunk bed

A final poke with the egg beaters

 Seriously , fun game though . I look forward to it’s next level of progress


  A Fellow from Switzerland going by the Name Lordofdragons has been busy  creating a zoids game just as a side Project would you believe.


  or his channel https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA4FA7C9A3CE42273

   I  watched through all the zoids videos just mesmerized. If you bother to watch carefully you will even notice little things like the Gauges in the cockpit actually function! These  videos deserve so much more views  than what they currently  have oh my god.

  I would buy this game in an instant


  OK so yes That Berserk Fury video by Anomarokarintou you saw earlier on is indeed a game in progress. 

    I am just going to leave this here and say. Watch all 6 minutes of this. It is worth it.

Moving sale - 12/28 update

Due to a series of events involving neighbors and landlords, I cannot stay here anymore. This isn’t by choice, so I have to make due with what I have. I have to be out relatively soon, so I am choosing to make my sales now.

As I’m moving within the next few months, I’m parting ways with several items to help lessen the load. These are all to help with costs and it’s better than simply throwing them away:

UPDATE 12/28:

The current home was bought and the new owners are requesting us to be out by the 6th, so whatever is left needs to be put out as soon as possible.

Even if you cannot buy anything, a reblog helps – or any sort of advertising, really.

The listings have ended for the Black Lotus, Tales of Xillia 2 CE, and Blade Liger, so people can make direct offers on them and transactions can be made via Paypal.

I also have:

2 unused Totoro plushes for sale - $30 plush, open to offers

Pokemon With You Pokemon Center exclusive shirt - length from neck to bottom is approx 23 inches, shoulder length 16 inches, $17 but also open to offers

All profits are going to moving costs and are not for my own leisure.

Tales of Xillia 2 Collector’s Edition - brand new, factory seal broken to inspect items

Kotobukiya Blade Liger 016 HMM - brand new, all parts included SOLD

Official Nintendo Classic White GameCube controller - lightly used, but presents no wear or damage

PSP-2000 bundle - Includes carrying case, charger, and two games (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep + Darkstalkers Chronicle)

Bravely Default -  NTSC-U, unplayed but factory seal was broken, perfect condition

Shipping is US only, but I can make exceptions if people are willing to pay prices for international shipping.

All items must go if possible, the less I have to throw out, the better. I absolutely cannot bring everything with me as shipping is being charged by the pound.

Even if you cannot buy anything or have no interest in the items, reblogging this and getting it out there will be of major help to me and I appreciate any assistance possible.