Negativity Nelly {Way Long Ago}
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:All these guys here are looking for skinny girls.
  • The Love Doggy:Not all of them. {Wink Wink}
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:They say they don't want a skinny girl but then they leave you for one.
  • The Love Doggy:Hey, I like your body. That's all I am saying.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:I don't know what it is about me.
  • The Love Doggy:You're messing with Boys that's why.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:They just lie to you and go on their way.
  • The Love Doggy:[Checking out her ass] Men are different than boys. Mature that"s what you call it.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:These people are so young. My feet hurt.
  • The Love Doggy:Take off your shoes.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:[Takes off her high heels] Do you like them on or off. [She puts them back on]
  • The Love Doggy:I like them on. They're sexy.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:I have to go.
  • The Love Doggy:Do you have a number?
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:Do you have one. Here is mine ***-**** . . .
  • The Love Doggy:Cool. I will see you later.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:Are you going to call.
  • The Love Doggy:Yes, I am.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:Don't collect to many numbers tonight.
  • The Love Doggy:I am not collecting numbers.
  • Thick Chick @ The Bar:Right!!!!
  • The Love Doggy:[She leaves and I sit there realize how negative she was.]
  • Thoughts on this the morning after. If I was this woman I would be all over me. I complemented her and gave her hope [at least I tried] that all me don't trade for another type of women. Not all. I like my women on the thick side . . . well thick. There is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with being thick, chubby, round, zoftig [actually means "Juicy"], plump, shapely figured, full figured, or just identify with the term fat.
  • I just wanted a conversation with a pretty woman and this was her loss. She was pretty but her attitude didn't reflect the body.
  • BGL - [Tell me what you think of this post - talk amongst yourselves]

The Route 23 Fashion Plate on Flickr.

I don’t own a car and wind up taking the bus or train when I can’t get where I’m going on foot. I was on SEPTA’s Route 23 Bus heading South when I spied this beauty. Putting it politely, this gal was somewhat grander than petite, but she was dressed to the plus nines and working it like a model. I committed her to memory and drew her in my sketchbook as soon as I got home.

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First Motion Grpahics project/work in progress. First real shot at After Effects. Will be finishing it up/adding more soon!