Do you still remember the days we spent together?

From the first day been in USA, till now, I have stomachache every night. But I don’t want to tell others, showing I am so weak; I only want to tell you. You have your new friends there, and you were watching movie. You received my text message and soon called me to ask me if I was ok.

I was so moved. Next year, let’s meet in our hometown, eating hot-pot, singing in KTV, and talking till midnight.

Smiling and crying with tears.

My dear Best Friend Forever.


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I miss my bang. I told my roommate I wanted to cut my hair, but she hurried to say “don’t do that!”. She said Americans thought bang is too “Asian”. And she knew I wanna make native friends.

So confused.

Last night I talked with mom on phone, complaining it was quite hard to make foreign friends here, even though I tried. She smiled and said, “I always tell others that you are strong. But my daughter, I know you feel lonely.” With a pause, “And I know you can make it.”

So~  I am still thinking whether I should cut my hair or not. Bang is so cute~(//////////////)