hauvwixes  asked:

Zoey heeelp Fallout 4 starts you out married to a person of the opposite sex, and it makes it very hard for me to identify with my character. Is this as big a problem as it seems? I thought you'd be able to understand how disappointed I am.

It extends beyond that and the amazing New Vegas perks of Cherchez La Femme and Confirmed Bachelor, which allowed you to get the same-sex benefits of Lady Killer and Black Widow as a gay or bi character, are also missing.

Further to that, you can’t get the Lady Killer perk if you are a lady, the only perk you can get is the one that let’s you have more charm (and/or intimidation) with men, which is not what I personally want to roleplay as.

New Vegas had canon queer characters in Arcade, Veronica and Cass (and more I’m probably forgetting), who also had extra dialogue if you had those appropriate perks. In Fallout 4 they define the romanceable characters as “player-sexual” in that they can go with either playable gender, but this feels lazy and makes the companions lose a core part of what could be their character.

Locking my newly created character strictly in to a heterosexual relationship, having a husband if you are female or a wife if you are male, immediately removes the freedom that Fallout games had before, it immediately removes one of the huge reasons I loved New Vegas so much. I can make excuses and reasons in my head, like hey it was a 50s style society and maybe it was just a sham marriage, but that still gets me locked in to a path that I never had to walk before. In my mind there is absolutely no reason the baby couldn’t be adopted or that they couldn’t hire another voice actor to voice a second kind of wife.

I love Fallout as a whole and I will be playing a heck of a lot of Fallout 4, no doubt, but I don’t think it could possibly replace what New Vegas had and meant to me. Mods will add this stuff in time I’m sure, but for what is such a core part of identity it feels awful to just be a janky third-party addon of what should already be there.