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keeping me up (chris/darren, nc-17)

contents: blowjob, face-fucking, handjob, dirty talk, mild begging, swearing and a bit fluff. no plot, just porn.

It was raining heavily outside.

The raindrops belted harshly and violently against the windows of their house, making loud noises as its fresh, calming scent surrounded them and swallowed them whole. The coldness of the night hit Darren and made him shiver as he pressed his lover against the cool wall with all of his strength, bringing his mouth to Chris’ and kissing him hard. His arms wrapped around the younger boy’s waist, under the plain T-shirt, feeling the soft, flawless porcelain skin there. One of his legs was hooked between Chris’, rubbing against his boyfriend’s groin and making Chris moan wordlessly into their joined mouths.

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johanbeck headcanons!!

-johanssen was always taking becks t-shirts to wear though no one said anything about it

-beck had tried (and failed) to flirt with johanssen before they left and decided he would try again once they got back (though that wasn’t what happened obviously)

-beck finally told johanssen about his feeling towards her in the lab on the hermes when she came in to hang out with him

-it was also where they first kissed

-martinez had gathered vogel and lewis when he saw where johanssen was heading and they all watched what happened through the crack in the door

-lewis was the one who won the bet that was made on when one of them would finally say something

-when mark was back with them and was cleared to walk around for long periods of time he would walk in on beck and johanssen when they were trying to find a place to hang out alone (and of course it on purpose)

I went to church and they told me:
“God is right and the devil is wrong.”
And I ate stale animal crackers and read watered down bible verses in rooms that smelled like carpet cleaner and fresh ink,
And I nodded, but I did not agree.
Because I thought we were all very much like fallen angels, and that earth was very much like Hell.
We thought we were right, because everyone thinks they’re right, don’t they?
There’s pride in humility, and there’s no escaping our own nature.
But I brushed my hair and tied bows around my waist and sat in the back of the car with a purple children’s bible on my lap as my mother drove me to Sunday School.
And I never told them what I thought.
Because children are never right, no, they are too young to know that things are black and white and right and wrong, and there’s no room for human nature in heaven.
And I always wondered, what we would do in a place that shunned our desires.
Because we want streets paved with gold and lives filled with sin, and we are of the earth, and crave the world.
And I thought that the devil was far more human than God, and far more interesting.
But I ate stale animal crackers and stale ideas, and I nodded.
Because why did Lucifer know what Adam and Eve wanted in The Garden of Eden?
Why did he know that we desired the forbidden- and why does he know what to tempt us with?
And why did he fall from heaven for the same reasons we stray from God?
I always thought that Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he was not an angel,
But a man.
And I thought it was strange that we hated him for being as human as we are.
I thought it was strange how we turned up our noses at human nature.
And I wondered why God made us with desires he considered sin.
I wondered why the seven most loathsome sins are undeniable truths of the human existence.
I did not want to meet God. I wanted to meet Lucifer.
But I kept my mouth shut and nodded, because children aren’t meant to pity the devil.
—  “I’ve Been Damned to Hell Since I Knew It Existed”

~1000 words of hurt/comfort, with Darren convincing Chris that he’s beautiful, because obviously I have no life. But, no, in all seriousness being comforted by someone that you love, being able to let your walls down and feel so exposed in front of them, just to be reminded that you’re loved and cared for is the best feeling one can ever have. And Chris deserves it.

Chris tried to hide it, he really did. However, Darren’s ability to sense it whenever something isn’t okay is a thing he can never get to understand.

Therefore, the night, which was supposed to be all magical and wonderful and fun, because it was Ryan’s night, and to both of them Ryan is family, has ended up with Chris sobbing into Darren’s chest, while babbling isolated words, that, muffled by Darren’s shirt, are very hard to hear out.

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Blonde is the New Black

Title: Blonde is the New Black
Pairing: Kaisoo
Word Count: 380
Rating: G for excessive fluffiness
Summary: Everyone hates Jongin’s new hair. Well, almost everyone.

AN: I wrote this on Doro’s tablet back in August and then completely forgot about it. Oops.

“It’s so blonde.”

“Did you do something to piss off the hair stylist, Jongin?”

“He must have done something, ‘cause no one in their right mind could think that color would look good with his skintone.”

The other members quiet when Jongin turns to glare icily at them. Chanyeol tries to grin innocently but only succeeds in looking like a crazed schizophrenic,  while Baekhyun suddenly becomes very interested in the seam detail on Chanyeol’s shirt sleeve. Satisfied with the silence, Jongin returns his attention to the drama playing on the tv screen in front of them. But the tranquility is short lived, because not even a minute later Sehun finally decides to take a break from his Unicorn Dash spree he’d been absorbed in to comment dryly, “You look like someone spilled bleach all over you and then left you in the sun to dry for a month.”

Jongin whips his head around again, while Baekhyun and Chanyeol dissolve into a fit of giggles. “Your hair looked like a bowl of Fruit Loops last week, Sehun, I dont think you get the right to talk.”

Sehun shrugs nonchalantly as he returns his attention to his cellphone. “At least I can pull it off. You, not so much.”

Jongin holds back the urge to lean over the couch to punch their maknae in the face, and his “hyungs” (he’s honestly 384% certain that they have the mental age of 12 year olds) resume their previous activity of snickering about Jongin’s hair. Kyungsoo happens to walk in at that moment, a bowl of popcorn in his hands. “What’s going on?”

“Chanyeol and I are thinking off things that look better than Jongin with blonde hair,” Baekhyun pipes up, an angelic smile on his face.

“We’ve already come up with mold, the wolf outfit that Wufan hyung wore at the airport last week, and hairless cats,” Chanyeol adds.

Kyungsoo frowns and crosses the room to sit on the couch next to Jongin, eyes trained on Jongin’s hair. Jongin cringes, expecting yet another comment on how “Lindsay Lohan wants her dye job back,” when Kyungsoo smiles and reaches up to run his fingers through the bleached strands reassuringly.  “I like it,” he says confidently, tilting his head ever so slighly to the right to smile at him. “You could pull off any hair color, Jongin.”

Jongin does little to hide the shit eating grin that threatens to split his face in half. “Thanks, hyung.”

He doesn’t miss the confused look that Baekhyun and Chanyeol exchange, nor the crude hand motions that Sehun makes. But thanks to Kyungsoo, hair color stays off the discussion agenda for the rest of the week. Until…

“Oh my God, Kyungsoo hyung, your hair is so RED…”

the picture of the most dangerous game

sometimes you just write dorian gray into one of your favorite short stories and he doesn’t do what you want him to

“Off to the right, there’s a large Island,” Henry said, leaning back in his chair. “It’s rather a mystery.”

“Has it got a name?” Dorian asked, squinting curiously at the murky layers of fog surrounding them.

“Ship Trap Island,” Henry began cheerfully, pausing to light a cigarette. “Rather suggestive name, isn’t it?” he added with a grin.

“I can’t see it,” Dorian muttered, looking crestfallen as he settled back down in his seat.

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Oh no I wrote another Basil/Henry college AU fic. Henry cries and there's ALMOST smut until henry cries again.

“Henry, you really ought to be studying as well,” Basil murmured, watching the other man attempt to balance a book on his head.

“Oh, keep quiet Basil, I already know everything I need to.”

“That is far from the truth,” Basil frowned, turning the page of his book.

“Good, that is just where I like to be.” He smirked as he set the book down on the table and leaned over towards his friend, “What are you studying for?”

“Art of course!”

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*shouts into the night*

I’m still looking for more beta readers for my novel if you’re interested, here’s the quick blurb:

In the midst of the hedonism and hypocrisy of the 1920s, Nathan Mills gets tangled up in a part of life he didn’t anticipate after bargaining his soul away for a chance at fame. He spends most of his time trying to justify his impulsive decision, unable to keep any part of his past a secret. Despite this, he believes that ones business is their own, and tries not to pry into the lives of others. This changes through the course of the novel as he begins to sell years of his life to get a glimpse at the darkest secrets of those he meets. Associating with demons, secret agents, and murderers, his once vapid life becomes an adventure he wishes he’d never started. 

and there’s a synopsis (spoilers) under the cut 

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So, I’m writing a murder mystery. Someone just died. MC is making shit jokes. Puns. 

“Dead on, you could say,”

“Well. we’ve got two hours to kill, so what do you want to do?“