zoey trent

Total drama elements of harmony                                                                                   1. Noah as the element of honesty. He always speaks his mind, but in the “Big sleep” he pretends that he lost his energy so Owen would carry him to the main lodge, and he obviously lied in “I see London” when he said to Alejandro that “eel dipped in grease” is a compliment but Applejack cheated too in “Fall weather friends” so it doesn’t count.                                                                                               2. Zoey as the element of kindness. She is kind and friendly and she can be angry and strong at hard times just like Fluttershy.                                                       3. Geoff as the element of laughter. Positive party guy.                                               4. Trent as the element of loyalty. He was very loyal towards Gwen.                         5. Cameron as the element of generosity. He shared all his prize money with other participants in his ending.                                                                                       6. Dawn as the element of magic. She has magical powers and a great strategy.