zoey lynn

I’ve been in love with Zoey ever since I met her. When she got out of her dad’s car and I saw her standing there. I rode my bike into that stupid flag pole. I was in love with Zoey before I hit the ground. I don’t think that feeling’s ever going to go away.
—  The best quote of my childhood
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but zoey and chase literally got together at the end of the series so this time capsule reveal thing doesn't make any sense because why was chase so surprised when he heard that zoey said that they might be soulmates like they actually kissed and went to the prom together and why was chase with another girl where did zoey go after the last episode nothing about this is right where is zoey

This is Zoey Lynn. She’s a 10 ½ year old land seal who gets cold easily. She likes short walks to the car and car rides. Dislikes: squirrels, cats, and garbage that looks like cats that she can’t really see too well.

Happy International Women’s Day!

I didn’t want to do anything special but then I changed my mind, opened my photoshoot save and this happened! A quick silly group picture of all the Rose ladies. Most of them, actually. I could’ve added Marissa, but she and Jasper kinda broke up ages ago, and I could’ve added Angel, but as you know, she and Caleb also aren’t really a thing anymore. At this point I’m kinda not sure if she’s gonna come back to the story or how but we’ll talk about that later.

Stats: In this picture, you can see 1 founder, 6 spares, 4 spouses and 1 heir. The first female heir of this legacy. After almost a year of playing with this family.