zoey levi

“You. Me. Mikasa. Diary. Roadtrip.” After a nervous breakdown at his own graduation party, Armin has decided to avoid rehab and go on a road trip, by Eren’s suggestion, to get to the roots of the question that ruined him.

CH 18 | Friends, Lovers, Wax, And Wings

Summary: Upon delivering Levi to his home, Armin, Eren, and Mikasa catch a glimpse of the loving chaos that is his life. Armin, consequently, comes to a decisive conclusion.

Excerpt: I felt directionless, I realized. Lost. Like I was falling, with no control of where I landed or whether I survived the crash. Like……Icarus. Without wings. And I’d felt that way this whole time: alone and unmoored, without an older Armin to guide me, with nothing but friends just as helpless as I was and parents who believed I was just fine and a crippling fear of disappointing them all. Erwin Smith wasn’t the answer to any of this, I reminded myself. Just a wise man I was lucky enough to meet that night.