zoey is our rose

VA Fandom Forever

Ok girls. The last two weeks have been difficult for any fan .

Those who live in foreign countries , like me, had to wait for the movie premiere in our countries. In any even missing weeks, months or are undated , like me.

But girls, we will not let everything that has happened this beautiful Fandom damage .

Daniel ’s message may be true or not, Weinstein may have been involved or not , but what counts in the end is that girls had our movie and wonder Was it bad to them?

I think not , if you in the comments of many girls , I can say no.
We had a movie and it was the most we could come How many movies can say that suitable ? Just ask the girls Shadowhunters or Beautiful Creatures , who saw his book become a game of hollywood. Vampire Academy by contrast, was almost, almost perfect.

Let girls. We had an attentive director and a writer who is 100% interested in history. We had a nearly perfect cast .

We had to Zoey making the perfect Rose.

Danila had to act as our dear God Russian.

We had to Dominic playing the sarcastic Christian Ozera

Lucy had to making our beloved Princess Dragomir.

We had Romitri and Dragozera. Ahljñjhkgldsh * - *

If you have all that wonderful Cast that accompanied them.

I have not seen the movie , but rather by issues where I live and the distributor , but I can say that has not disappointed me the movie and I’m proud of her.

Do I want Frostbite ? Absolutely .

I’m dying to see my dear Adrian, Eddie , Janine Hathaway. I’m dying to see that.

The only thing left in us to.
Ignore what you read or see , go to your nearest theater and see the movie . Go to the movies when they dedicate it and see it as often as your budget allows.
We are a united Fandom and do not let anyone destroy us .Stay Strong!!

VA Family forever….