zoey impression

Zoke Week Day 1: First Impression

I imagined this big scenario of Mike and Zoey getting pushed around while the other contestants were rushing to get on the ship and they ended up running into one another. I wanted to do a short comic but got lazy. :( So I drew Mike picking up a bag that got knocked out of Zoey’s hand (probably by Lightning or Scott let’s be honest), and sweet Mike of course picks it up for her only for them both to suddenly feel hope that they won’t be alone anymore!

It’s Zoke Week! And I am so NOT late…Well I tried doing TD style and kept feeling like everything was getting worse and worse. Next time we’ll just go with a style I’m more comfortable with I think. Ugh I suck.

Home - Part 2 of ???

[Okay. I know you what you’re thinking.”Wow, that was fast. But you said you would be slow???” Yeah, I will be. After this part. Cause I have to think about where to go next. Anyway, enjoy!]

Part 1


Zoey chirped gleefully, her jet boots adding an extra bounce to her step. She had twirled to face him but continued walking with her back to the landscape. Tee trotted along behind them, his new crossbow aimed and at the ready to snipe approaching enemies. It was first thing in the morning, too bright for them to face much opposition, so Rythian felt comfortable leaving his sword sheathed at his side knowing the sharp shooter dinosaur had their backs.

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Nighttime Wondering

Title: Nighttime Wondering

Rating: G

Summary: Rythian finds Lalna and Nano’s base while on a nighttime stroll.


“Lalna! You’re flying!” Nano laughed into the night as she raced along under her master. “I told you hanger gliders would be the best things ever!”

Lalna’s reply was equally joyous as he sailed around through the air on his new toy the two of them forgetting everything expect for that moment and the joy of flying for the first time.

The cold mountain air swirled snowflakes around the mage as he watched the master and his apprentice flying through the air. Their laughter reached him even though he was far away and the warm ring of light around their base to beckoned to the cold and weary traveler.

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