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Nashville Performances | Duets [2/?]


We can never get enough of seeing these awesome people on TV and the Opry stage! Prepare for tonight’s episode of ABC’s Nashville by checking out our playlist of performances and more from nashvilleabc stars at the Opry right here.


Zoey Dalton | 23 | FC: Teresa Palmer | Status: Open

“Zoey is a princess. Not a real princess, that would be stupid, but her parents treat her like one even though she’s older now. She’s a little spoiled.” - Louis Sawyer

Biography: Zoey had been in pageants since the age of one, and only recently gave up on them. The fact that she actually stuck with something for so long was quite the feat for her. Most of Zoey’s projects and plans only work for a few months, then she loses interest and moves on to something new and exciting. Zoey’s never quite grown up – her parents made it quite easy for her with the way they pampered her during her childhood. She’s still pretty childish, and while she can be silly, she has the temper of a toddler. She gets what she wants, put simply. She has the ability to, and the fact she knows most everyone in the town who’s important and is on good terms with them might be contributing.

Some see her nothing but a spoiled little brat, what with her frequent tantrums and demanding nature. However, Zoey can truly be a lovely friend to have around. She’s pretty funny, and quite happy most of the time. Her mood can change in what seems like an instant, though. Most view it as strange, and don’t dare get her upset. She’s usually seen skipping around town, visiting shops and gaining friends, smiling at people and telling jokes. Then she gets cut off at an intersection and yells at the other driver. Zoey is a bit hard to figure out, it’s true. She’s a good friend, though, and sometimes it seems like people just need to give her a chance.

Personality: Zoey is a funny daddy’s girl, who can get what she wants through her many connections. She has the shortest attention span this side of Glasgow, but she’s witty – unlike Suzanne Ethans, her brand of humor is the kind that is actually funny. She’s very loyal, but immature. Overall, she’s a happy girl, but she’s easily upset. She has plenty of friends, most whom are either afraid of or annoyed by her temper. This pageant princess seems to be a little delusional in her importance, actually. Maybe that just comes from being spoiled your whole life.

  • Has a large apartment paid for by her father
  • Unemployed, due to the fact she already has plenty of money
  • Has two toy dogs named Lulu and Mimi