By the harbour I met the sky

She came here to think, to imagine I suppose would be a better way to put it. But, as always she was distracted by the stars looking at her curiously with their pale painted faces. She never quite understood why they asked the moon such strange questions, but still never stole its thunder as it lay lazily in the sky. 

The moon had taught them many things of kings, queens and evil beings. It carried them to the windowsills of the storytellers as they tucked in their small people night by night. They baffled the stars how such simple musings could place even the little people who never seemed to stop running, in to a peaceful slumber.

Of course they never saw them running only during the winter when they were awake early and went to bed late. 

I checked my watch, ten more minutes and I would have to return before curfew to the small house beside the forest. It was a strange place not quite a house not quite a home, not anything really just a small piece of a life spent dreaming to avoid thinking of all that had gone by, but the many stories the stars had heard each night.