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you don’t like her?

When I was like 17, she started moving away from what was being established as the modern cyberpunk aesthetic. Being 17, I got butthurt about it. Now her blog resembles what would happen if you hired an extremely slick marketing team to appeal to the pastels-and-Instagram segment of tumblr and gave them a generous budget. 

Alien Botany orders have all shipped! Very excited for more customer pictures 💙 @cathleenhues just got hers and says: “I am beyond happy to get this in the mail! #alienbotany leggings!Thumbs up and thank you to @zoetica and @plastikwrap! Everything from the packaging, tags, quality, fabric and of course artwork is simply amazing! Will post more pics of me wearing these beauties in the near future. #AlienBotany #leggings #zoetica #zoeticaebb #plastikwrap”