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The Proposal

I wrote this because I am having so many Foxxay feels that it hurts. Also there needs to be more for these two. Anyway this takes place about a year after the finale and Misty never died. Sorry if it’s not in character but this is the first fanfic I’ve ever published. I think it’s about 1440 words by the way.

“Zoe I can’t do it.”

At this current moment in time, the swamp witch was pacing up and down the ancestry room of Miss Robichaux’s with a small black ring box clutched in her hands. Misty couldn’t believe she was doing this. She and Cordelia had been dating for just under a year now and Misty knew she loved the Supreme more than anyone. Yes, more than Stevie.

“Misty you’ll be fine,” Zoe reassured. “Cordelia loves you and you know that.”

“But what if she says no?” Misty panicked. “She’s already been married once and that turned to shit. I can’t do that to her again.”

Misty continued pacing through the room, her thoughts overcome with each and every possible bad scenario that could happen when she would be proposing later that day. Luckily for her Cordelia was attending some meeting downtown with the owner of a large New Orleans mansion that Cordelia was hoping to use as boarding space for new students. With the Coven growing more and more each day due to the Supreme’s announcment after the Seven Wonders, their current building was filled to the brim with talented young witches. Zoe and Queenie had already given up their individual rooms to allow for more space and Miss Robichaux’s simply couldn’t hold anymore students. They even had a waiting list now which Cordelia hated because it made her feel as if she was a failure of a Supreme. Of course she wasn’t though and her council, Misty especially, constantly told her different.

“Misty, why don’t you go listen to Stevie or something before Cordelia gets back? You know, clear your head a bit before you propose.” Zoe said interrupting the silence of the room.

“Yeah, ya right Zoe I’ll go do that.” The swamp witch replied anxiously before leaving to go to her and Cordelia’s living quarters.

When she reached the white room Misty put on her favourite Stevie record and placed the ring box on her dresser. The blonde let the music take over her thoughts and consume her as she grabbed the ends of her shawl and twirled around the large bedroom. After finishing half the album, Misty slumped back on her shared king sized bed and drifted off to sleep.

When the swamp witch woke a few hours later the record had stopped itself and from checking the clock next to Cordelia’s side of the bed she’d realised she had been asleep for at least two hours which meant that Cordelia could be back any minute.

The swamp witch hurriedly composed herself. She put on her best shawl (the one Stevie herself had given to her), grabbed the ring box and headed down the stairs. When she reached the kitchen she saw Zoe sat at the table, reading through a book on incantations which she’d be using for her next lesson on Monday. As Misty searched through the cupboards for bagels Zoe looked up from her book at her.

“Are you feeling better now?” She asked.

“A li’l bit.” Misty replied taking a seat next to her friend.

“Well Cordelia isn’t back yet but Queenie texted me and said they’re on their way and apparently it went well.”

Misty swallowed in fear. “Crap how long d’ya think we have?”

“Well I got the text about twenty minutes ago so I’d say roughly ten minutes. Luckily it’s the weekend and most of the girls have gone home or are out at this time so you’ll be able to prepare in peace.” Zoe answered the nervous swamp witch who was intently focusing on the ring box she was toying with in her hands.

“You have got a plan right?” Zoe asked.

“Well I was gonna try get her alone ya know? From there I got nothin’.”

Zoe bit her lip in thought to help the swamp witch before her. “Well why don’t you-“

“Hey.” Cordelia announced, cutting off Zoe mid-speech. Misty hastily pulled her hands back from sight and under the table as she proceeded to place the box in her pocket. Cordelia couldn’t find out yet.

“How’d it go?” Misty asked as Cordelia walked in the kitchen followed by Queenie who waved at the witches before looking in the fridge.

“It went pretty well, Mrs Renard was happily willing to sell us the mansion for boarding space. The Coven will do well from it, we can accept at least 30 new students. Of course we’ll need to hire more staff and figure out how classes will work but I’m just glad we can close, or at least relieve, the waiting list.” The Supreme said confidently.

“I’m so proud of ya Delia.” Misty said as she stood up to embrace the older witch.

However their hug was only a short one as Cordelia pulled away. “Anyway, I’ve gotta go check on the greenhouse. Do you want to join me?” Cordelia smirked as she looked at Misty suggestively.

Usually this indicated that Cordelia wanted to do more than just tend to her plants and most of the time Misty would jump at the chance to get it on in the greenhouse, but today she decided against it, not wanting to ruin her proposal plans.

“I’ll join ya in an hour or so Delia, Zoe and I were just about to go over some spells. Weren’t we?” At this Misty looked over to Zoe who was blank unti she realised what Misty was alluding to.

Not wanting to make things more awkward than they were Zoe nodded. “Yeah we were.”

The Supreme, although slightly disappointed, accepted this and kissed Misty on the cheek. “Okay, I’ll see you in an hour then.” She winked as she left the room.

Once making sure Cordelia was out of earshot, Queenie spoke. “Are you guys on about the proposal thing.”

“Yep. Any ideas?” Zoe asked as she and Misty looked to Queenie hopefully.

“Just do it in the greenhouse. No ones gonna go in there and you can do it privately.” Queenie replied.

The group of three discussed ideas for the next forty five minutes until settling on one that they agreed would work well.

“I think I’m ready.” Misty confessed, getting up from her chair at the kitchen table.

“You’ll be fine don’t worry.” Zoe reassured.

“Go get her Misty.” Queenie added.

Looking back at her sister witches Misty smiled and nodded in thanks for their support. As she left the kitchen she kept herself calm and her mind full of positive thoughts. Before entering the greenhouse the swamp witch breathed in deeply ‘Ya got this Misty’ She thought.

“Hey Delia.” Misty exclaimed as she approached the older witch who was tending to her plants on the other side of the room.

“Misty, you’re right on time I was about to finish up.” The Supreme smiled as she looked at her girlfriend.

Suddenly with that look everything Misty had discussed with Queenie and Zoe had disappeared. She felt a sudden sense of panic. Her heart was beating so fast it felt as if it was trying to climb up through her throat. Swallowing as much of her fear as she could Misty tried to get her thoughts on track.

“Delia can we talk?” The swamp witch questioned.

Cordelia’s smile quickly turned into a slight frown of concern. “Sure is everything okay Mist?”

Misty took a deep breath. “Everythings fine, don’t worry.” She could tell that the Supreme didn’t quite believe her but with Cordelia being Cordelia, she didn’t make it obvious.

“Then what do you need to talk about?” The Supreme asked as she took Misty’s hand in her own and placed them on the greenhouse table.

“Well, y’know how we’ve been dating for a long time now.” Cordelia nodded, urging Misty to continue. “And well I love ya so much Delia ever since the day we met and you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Misty confessed. “I was wonderin’ if you’d…”

Before letting her nerves get the best of her Misty decided to just go for it. She let go of Cordelia’s hand and pulled out the ring box in her pocket whilst descending down to one knee.

“Will ya marry me Cordelia?” Misty asked, staring into Cordelia’s tearful brown eyes.

“Yes.” Cordelia uttered, as if she was too shocked to say it louder. “Yes Misty Day I will marry you.”

Misty beamed at the expression on her face. After sliding the simple yet perfect engagement ring onto Delia’s finger the two witches engaged in a passionate kiss. “I love you so much Misty.” The Supreme said as they pulled away from eachother.

“I love ya too Delia.”