You know, the more I think about it, the more I’ve realized that the fundamental flaw in GamerGate is that they lack any sort of real structure whatsoever. While their concerns about “journalistic ethics” might sound valid on paper (though I have disputed the veracity of some of the claims, such as the GameJournoPros list), there is basically nothing in place to ensure that this is there actual focus. The  ZoePost that sparked the whole thing was intertwined heavily in the affairs of /rk9/ and /pol/, who are well known for antiprogressive politics, and the sheer number of times they whine about “SJWs”, a term which has basically lost all meaning due to overuse, makes it clear that there is at least some overlap with that anti-progressive mindset.

I’ve heard some GamerGaters claim that there were actually two groups at the beginning of the whole shitstorm: the people concerned about journalistic ethics, and the people who were only interested in slut-shaming.

But to what degree are these two groups seperate? Is there any way to delineate the two? Can GamerGate actually organize and police itself well enough to focus on actual journalistic ethics and avoid all the other bullcrap about “SJWs” and other petty drama?

The answer, based on everything that’s happened in the past several months, is “no.” They don’t just avoid doing so, they actively resist any attempts to get them to do so.