It will be the new “must-have” summer 2013. The tiger becomes the icon reference for Kenzo, summarizing in the exotic feline the adventurous nature of the French brand. Everything is in a video dedicated to the transformation.

by @zoemagazine


“I started hand making my own clothes at 15, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a clothing designer.”
New interview with Italian mag @zoemagazine 🇮🇹 (clickable link in bio)
First part is in Italian, just scroll down to find the English version! ❤️

As The Red Cosmos streams through my veins…Star’s trace my Aura with no chance to seize it… I broke no Law… And I won’t Apologise for Mesmerizing the Dark.. Thank you @leviarmstrong for a beautiful rhyme 🌌
My interview for @zoemagazine is already published.. 💌 Thank you guys for your attention and interesting questions..💋 by sofi_chiii http://ift.tt/1nCLKgL