Joe Sugg - He admits he is in love with you

You had been dating Joe Sugg after meeting him on a night out, although it was now out to his fans that you were dating they didn’t know exactly how long for. As far as his fans knew you and Joe had been dating for around 2 months when in fact it was around 5 months, you didn’t purposely keep it a secret but neither of you wanted to post about it until you had too because you liked the secrecy you had together to get to know each other and to be happy.

You had never actually gotten round to meeting his sister Zoe but had met his mum and dad, according to Joe they loved you so, so would Zoe. It was now or never to meet her as she had asked Joe to come up and stay solely based on the fact that she wanted to meet the girl who had gotten her crazy younger brother to settle down: No pressure!

Zoe was the perfect host from the minute you got there, she treated you like she had known you for years and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know you which made you feel so welcome in her house. One of the best things about Zoe was that she loved to embarrass Joe, she told you funny stories and showed you the best pictures of him as a child which made you one up on him. Joe always seemed to know things about you without you telling him and he would tease you about it, of course, it was only playing around he never did anything to be hurtful but now you could do it back to him.

Like always, whenever Joe went to Zoe’s and Alfie’s house videos were being filmed left, right and centre, you, of course, were not involved in the YouTube community. Sure, you used the app every now and again but you had never made or been in a video in your life apart from the occasional vlog of Joe’s so you were interested into what went into making a video so Zoe and Joe let you sit behind the camera to watch them film.

There were times while they were filming the ‘Never have I ever’ video that you had to press your hand tight against your mouth to make sure nobody could hear you laughing because it was so funny and you didn’t want to ruin the footage. Yet oppositely there were times when you had to hold back from saying ‘awe’ out loud, one example of this was when Joe read a suggestion from Twitter that asked ‘Never have I ever fallen in love’ to which Zoe instantly put her ‘I have’ card up.

Although it looked as though Joe was looking into the camera he was looking past it at you to silently ask if he could answer it with the truth because some people might say it was too soon as they didn’t know how long you had actually been together. Joe had already told you in person that he loved you, he said it daily as if to constantly remind you and you didn’t think it would ever get boring. You shrug your shoulders as if giving him permission if he, himself wanted to answer it, you see him awkwardly look at Zoe’s answer before at the two pieces of paper on his knee. 

At first, you expect the ‘I have not’ card to pop up but you are wrong, you see a similar card to Zoe’s in Joe’s hand that makes you smile.

“Yeah, well I’m in love now with Alfie” Zoe smiles fondly as if thinking about Alfie

“Me too,” Joe says, jokingly wiggling his eyebrows suggestively 

“You’re in love with Alfie?” Zoe yells before breaking down into laughter 

“Yeah, I’m your biggest competition love” he smirks before winking at you

Hello there! \(^o^)/

Hi. *awkwardly cringes because I don’t know what to say*
Okay let’s start with the basics.
My names Olivia. I live in Australia and would love to meet people from other countries.
I speak English and a little bit of French. Im looking for a nice person (around 13-16 years old) that I can become lasting friends with. Like one of those weird friendships that we can laugh at our pain together, send ugly pictures to each other and talk constantly about inside jokes.
Favourite things: I really like music mainly Halsey, P!ATD, TØP, MCR (cry), Troye Sivan, Tigertown and many others.
I love TV shows and constantly binge Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, I Zombie, Scream Queens plus anime like Your Lie in April, Purella Magi Madoka Magica and Ouran Highschool Host club.
I love YouTubers like Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, Zoella, Tyler Oakely, Noodlrella and many more.
I’m a nerd. Please don’t judge.
I love books. Any books.
I’m very open minded and believe just about anything (within reason. Obviously)
I love sending and receiving mail. But if that’s not your thing then emailing and messaging is just as cool with me.
I don’t care what gender, race, sexuality or other you are as long as you are nice, kind and not judgemental (and like I said before 13-16)

Please contact me to be friends!
Tumblr: weirdpizzaking
Twitter: weirdpizzaking

Thanks *\(^o^)/*