zoella's brother

Pales in Comparison

Prompt: Joe feels insecure in relation to Zoe and it extends to whatever relationship he has with Caspar



It really started after Zoe started her YouTube channel. Most of the guys at his school had found it too and to all of them, he became “Zoe’s brother,” instead of “Joe Sugg." 

It’s Zoe’s offhand comment after they film their first video together, joking that Joe should start his own YouTube channel that pushes him to make his own. He jokes along with her, but a couple days later, he’s made his very own channel, hoping that maybe he could go back to being "Joe Sugg,” or even “ThatcherJoe,” instead of “Zoella’s brother.”

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YouTubers and their Zodiac Signs

,Aries: Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg

Taurus: Joey Graceffa, Caspar Lee, Harries Twins, Sawyer Hartman, Hank Green

Gemini: Dan Howell, Troye Sivan, Tanya Burr, Rosanna Pansino, 

Cancer: Markiplier, Shane Dawson, 


Virgo: Joe Sugg, Anthony Padilla, Jenna Marbles, Mamrie Hart, Connor Franta, John Green, 

Libra: Lily Singh, Grace Helbig, Chris Kendall, Carrie Fletcher, Charlie McDonnell, 

Scorpio: Hannah Hart, Felix Kjellberg

Sagittarius: Ian Hecox, Marcus Butler, PJ Liguori, 

Capricorn: Jim Chapman, 

Aquarius: Phil Lester,

Pisces: Toby Turner,