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Why I Don’t Leave My Room

Dear all parents with kids who are teenagers,

We all stay in our rooms for multiple reasons, so do not judge us or yell at us for enjoying ourselves.

1) We watch HOURS of youtube. I enjoy watching so many different you tubers, and keeping up with all of their new videos takes a lot of time. But it is worth it in the end knowing it makes us happier and healthier (mentally) people. 

2) We want our alone time. We spend the entire day around people at school, or after school, or hanging out with our family/friends. We just ask for a few hours a day to sit back by ourselves and think. Peace is something we do not get enough of, and therefore take advantage when it is given to us

3) Mental stability. This goes along with wanting alone time, but we need to relax our brains and just chill out. We are running around thinking and working hard; having some down time is necessary so we do not drive ourselves and the people around us insane.

So therefore parents, please let us appreciate the time we have to ourselves. You make think we are lazy or antisocial, but there are many other reasons for us staying in our rooms all day. 

Yours truly, 

your children