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Perma tutorial/by from Claudiasafe
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Croatia Vlogging (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hey could you a imagine on you and Joe going to Croatia together if you haven’t done already and Y/N is a youtuber and they vlog and its cute and fluffy


Joe intertwined his fingers with yours as you walked towards the exit of the Croatian airport. You and your boyfriend Joe, had just landed in Croatia where you were to spend the next week on a cute boyfriend-girlfriend holiday. You couldn’t wait. When you reached the exit of the airport you started to hear screaming and you knew that some viewers were waiting for you outside. You and Joe were both youtubers and had quite a big audience.

“Ready for chaos?” Joe asked you with a smile and you nodded with a laugh before you walked out hand in hand. The screaming grew louder as they noticed you and you were instantly surrounded by viewers. You tried as hard as you could to get pictures with everyone but soon the airport security had to use fences to separate you and Joe from the viewers.  

“Y/N and I just arrived in the Croatian airport and some lovely viewers were waiting for us outside!” Joe said into his vlogging camera, before filming everyone who showed up and then over on you. You looked a bit confused because one of the security guards were trying to explain to you which car you had to jump into when you were being escorted out of the airport.

“Y/N is clearly confused,” Joe laughed into his vlogging and you couldn’t help but smile whilst you tried listening to the security man.

— The Next Day —-
You were laying by the pool with Joe on the sun bed beside you whilst you were tanning along. It was incredibly hot and you felt like you were frying.

“Wanna go in the pool? Then I can film some artsy pool-shots with my go-pro?” Joe suddenly asked and you looked over at him and rolled your eyes.

“Alright mr. tumblr,” you laughed and Joe pushed you gently. You loved teasing each other.

“Let’s go mrs. tumblr,” Joe then said as he took out a hand for you to grab. You shook your head with a smile before you took his hand.

“So cheesy,” you said before you both walked towards the pool. You were staying at a really nice hotel with a perfect view over the ocean and with a really nice pool.

“Okay pretend you love me really much and look very happy when we jump, okay?” Joe said whilst filming both of you with his go-pro, and you started laughing really loud.

“I don’t have to pretend, you idiot,” you laughed and Joe looked at you with lifted eyebrows.

“Who’s cheesy now, huh?” he said and before you answered you decided to push him in the pool but you forgot his hand were intertwined with yours so you were following him into the water. When you got up from underwater Joe looked very unpleased into his camera whilst you were smiling big into it behind him. You both ended up laughing before you took loads of cute shots of the two of you underwater with the go-pro.

——Later That Night ——
You were sat with your legs across Joe’s thighs as you both drank a beer. You were at a bar at the top of the hotel which Joe had discovered on your way to dinner. It had an amazing view over the city and it felt so good to just sit here and relax with your boyfriend in the nice Croatian weather.

“So what do you want to do for our anniversary?” Joe asked whilst looking at you with an admiring smile, and you smiled back at him.

“I don’t really know. I kinda want to go do something crazy,” you answered with an exciting smile. You and Joe had been dating for 2 years on Tuesday and you were spending the day in Croatia.  

“Then we’re gonna do something crazy,” Joe answered with a laugh whilst he stroked your thigh gently. Joe pulled out his vlogging whilst you watched him. There was something about Joe vlogging that made you smile.

“Y/N and I have come to this amazing rooftop-bar with an amazing view over the city,” Joe said into his camera while he vlogged his surroundings.

“And you got your beer,” you added and Joe nodded before filming his beer.

“Finally got it guys,” he said before turning the camera towards me.

“Look at that view. It’s so beautiful,” Joe joked behind the camera and you shook your head with a laugh. He turned the camera towards himself again with a laugh.

“As you may know me and Y/N have our anniversary on Tuesday, and we wanna go do something crazy to celebrate, so if any of you know anything cool we can do here in Croatia let us know, right love?” Joe said to his camera before turning it to you. You nodded into the camera while you could feel yourself getting more and more sleepy.

“You tired?” Joe asked, still vlogging you, and you started to yawn which made Joe chuckle behind the camera.

“Aww, do you wanna go to bed and cuddle then?” Joe asked in a cute voice and you couldn’t help but smile, and you nodded at the same time a new yawn was on its way.

“You’re literally sleeping beauty right now,” Joe then said and it was obvious that he thought he was hilarious.

“You’re such an idiot,” you said but you couldn’t help but laugh either. Joe turned off his camera whilst he was still laughing.

“I’m so funny,” Joe said, very satisfied with himself. You rolled your eyes with a smile before Joe placed a kiss on your lips. You were so lucky to have this cute idiot as your boyfriend, and you couldn’t wait to go cuddle and fall asleep in his arms.

He’s so HOT😍 I made this, the account name in the video is my fan account on Instagram but gahhhh I can’t even JOE SUGG KILLS ME OKAY😍😭

Mr. Sugg will see you now..