A picture from yesterday as soon as my new tattoo was done! I was tattooed by the adorable and incredibly talented Zoë Bean of Eight of Swords from Brooklyn, NY! I will post a better picture when it is healed but I love it so much already!!! You can follow Zoë at www.zoebeantattoo.tumblr.com

Day 1 of this 3 a day painting thing, I got nominated by the uber-talented @markharada_nyhctattoo, so stoked to be working with him again! So let’s begin, top left a flash sheet from 2013, bottom left a rose from 2011, both were painted for @zoebeantattoo and on the right we have a collaboration I did with @zoebeantattoo for our 2 person show Chordata @8ofswordstattoo in 2013. So, as you probably guessed, I’m going to nominate @zoebeantattoo because she’s rad and I like her a lot!
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