Example of Racial Diversity: Firefly

This series qualifies as an example of racial diversity because of the main cast, which include African-American actors Gina Torres as Zoe Washington and Ron Glass as Shepherd Book, and Brazilian-American actress Morena Baccarin as Inara. Firefly is often described as a literal ‘space-western’, and is the creation of Joss Whedon, and is named after the type of spaceship that the main characters all live on. It had a single season on air, with a movie, Serenity, coming after it. It should also be noted that the show made heavy use of Mandarin Chinese in both the crew members’ vocabulary and the labels on various parts of the ship and the crates it would often hold, as well as on clothing that the crew members wore.

The Bronze Eyeshadow

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Celebrities such as Zoe Saldana and Felicity Jones, are all playing with the bronze eyshadow look, because it is an update on the classic smoky eye look and looks great with a summer tan look. Deep, copper shades (not the sparkling glitter-kind) are more appealing than yellow-golds when put around the eyes.

The Bronze Eyeshadow by osmianannya featuring a tarte blush

The Steps

  1. Take any bronze eyeshadow you love, such as your favourite Diamond Powder from Make Up Forever, and put it on across your eyelid. Make sure that the line goes until the socket line and falls slighlty under the lower lashes. Blend the eye makeup, with a soft eyeshadow brush and take extra care that no harsh edges are visible on your eyes. When you use a single shade then you can channel modernity in a very cool way. This is a bold look!
  2. Secondly, proceed with the eyeliner along your upper and lower lashlines. Apply mascara, a light bronze blush and a pink-nude lipstick to give the rest of your face a peach and blush look. 
  3. This is a day look but you can take it all the way until evening by adding more black mascara, colour on your eyebrows, and keeping the rest of your face looking and feeling as trendy as ever!

The Bronze Eyeshadow by osmianannya featuring Sephora Collection makeup brushes

Every now and again, a fashion trend comes along that just entrances me. Long, romantic, flowy ombre dresses are that trend today.

Elie Saab is leading the charge, but he’s not the only designer to make it happen. Emanuel Ungaro, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Amanda Wakeley are all playing along.

My favorite ombre look ever was Lily Collins. Pure romance.

Lily Collins-Elie-Saab Spring-14-Runway

There’s also Taylor in this killer number. Can I be Elie Saab’s new muse/dressform? PRETTY PLEASE?

Taylor Swift attends The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California in a stunning Elie Saab ombre gown.

Some celebs clearly have a love affair with ombre dresses – see Kerry Washington (click for full size):

So does Zoe Saldana:

And of course, the queen herself Taylor Swift has been wearing ombre since before you knew what that word meant (I though it was your buddy in Mexico):

Here’s the full gallery, with some of the most epic ombre stunners of all time. Just call these gals the Color Changin’ Click. (If you’re scratching your head, you’re not from Houston.)

Celebrities in Princess-Worthy Ombre Dresses Every now and again, a fashion trend comes along that just entrances me. Long, romantic, flowy ombre dresses are that trend today.