Fashion is all about communication through one’s personl style. While streaming the internet, I came across blog, “Girl with the Flower”

Zoe Schlacter from Nashville, Tennessee is a 16 year old gal who creates floral and embellished hat decors and much more artistic fashionable items. Wearing multi-color lipsticks, mixed 90s and vintage clothing, and displaying her delightful and crafty headpieces, she definitely knows how to speak her artistic statement through fashion!


Fate of the Machine, 2011-2012

This project was my high school AP Portfolio. I developed a story about a machine that yearned for nothing but to be of the mortal life, living freely as a natural being. Once granted its wish, a metamorphosis begins and the machine becomes a human being and enjoys all of life but must eventually face the reality of its mortality within the earthly world. 

by Tayler Smith


Zoë Schlacter is pursuing her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design but despite being a full time student she is already a working professional. Schlacter currently works for the Hong Kong- based accessories company Candies Gifts, and is the sole designer of the Candies x Girl with the Flower brand. 

“A lot of things don’t work out well the first time you do them; it’s important to have the strength to work through it.”

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