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100+ clique artists and i joined together to make a hand-drawn, rotoscoped version of the stressed out video. here it is.


Hey guys!

Above are some of my pieces for reference, I would like to try art commissioning because I have been getting a handful of asks regarding this. Would anyone be interested? (You can send me an ask, write in the tags if you are interested etc)

I will plan out the pricing and stuff if I do get some interests (I’ll be working with below market rates because it’s my first time commissioning btw).

Pieces will be laminated. Depending on shipping rates, you may need to cover them if it reaches a certain price ;3;)~

I can only work with black and white drawings as of now (sorry!) Also, i heavily ref my artworks because I haven’t developed a drawing style (yet), so excuse my works if they resemble another artwork (though I make it a point to change as much as possible to deviate from the art piece I ref'ed from)