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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)


Directors declare #ImWithHer

Debbie Allen | Elizabeth Banks Lena Dunham | Gillian Robespierre | Barbra Streisand | Madonna Gurinder Chadha | Elizabeth Wood

Not pictured:
Lake Bell | Zoe Cassavetes Ava DuVernay | Catherine Hardwicke | Natalie Portman Gina Prince-Bythewood | Dee Rees | Lorene Scafaria | Amy Seimetz| Lynn Shelton | Elisabeth Subrin


As the school year approaches, Arkadia is looking to have one of it’s most exciting football seasons for quite some time. In what is looking to be Arkadia High School’s most important season in school history, we Grouders are graced with one of the best rivalries known to locals. Recently transferred to Arkadia (as announced in the previous issue of the paper), Lexa Woods may be our only hope against the ruthless prior champion and Vikings Captain Ontari Queen. The game will definitely be one to look out for, especially since both Woods and Queen will be seniors this year, and will doubtlessly want this last season to be their best…


Cannes Wishlist:

20 films I’d like to see play at Cannes 2015 - Part 2

Day out of Days - Zoe Cassavetes, USA

Cassavetes, the daughter of filmmaker John Cassavetes and actress Gena Rowlands, reunites with Alexis Landeau on her second feature film about an actress in her forties struggling to make it in L.A.

The Dressmaker - Jocelyn Moorhouse, Australia

Moorhouse has Cannes pedigree: her 1991 debut Proof won the Camera d’Or. The Dressmaker is her most recent film after an eighteen year long break from filmmaking. The film stars Kate Winslet as the titular dressmaker who returns to the backwater Australian town where she was born in order to exact revenge on those who wronged her.

Et ta soeur? - Marion Vernoux, France

Vernoux’s film is an adaption of Lynn Shelton’s 2012 film Your Sister’s Sister set in France starring Géraldine Nakache (who is herself a filmmaker). 

Evolution - Lucile Hadzihalilovic, France

Hadzihalilovic is currently best known as Gaspar Noé’s partner, but she`s an acclaimed filmmaker in her own right having written and directed the beautiful and surreal Innocence in 2004. Evolution is her first film since then and it follows a young boy who lives in a seaside town where all the boys must be hospitalized in order to undergo mysterious operations.

Into the Forest - Patricia Rozema, Canada

An adaptation of the book of the same name, Into the Forest stars Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page as two sisters who must struggle to survive in their remote home in the woods after the complete collapse of society.

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