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Bonnie. Bonnie! Can I talk to you for just a second. Couple of things, I’m happy that Abigail has bonded with your mother. Thrilled about the communal potato peeling thing but when it comes to my daughters social recreational life particularly if it concerns medications that will permanently effect her reproductive organs, will you just kick that little can of worms over to me? Do you understand? I do. And should Skye come to me ten years down the road and ask for a little lift to Planned Parenthood, I would give you that courtesy call first. Thanks.

Favorite Female Characters in TV

So @not-she-which-burns-in-it tagged me in this and I am sick and dying so why the hell not. So here we go, in no particular order:

1. Charlie Bradbury

2. Maggie Sawyer 

3. Lena Luthor 

4. Emma Swan 

5. Jessica Jones 

6. Daisy “Skye” Johnson 

7. Melinda May 

8. Peggy Carter 

9. April Ludgate 

10. Willow Rosenberg 

11. Kimmy Schmitt 

12. Rory Gilmore 

13. Mabel Pines 

14. Wendy Corduroy 

15. Morgana Pendragon 

16. Rose Tyler 

17. Zoë Washburne

18. Kaylee Frye 

Before you say anything yes Katie McGrath is in here twice fight me. 

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