“She was my best friend.”

“I’ve never had one. What’s it like?”

“I don’t know. I guess you can be yourself, whatever that means- the best and worst of you. And they love you anyway. You can fight, but even when you’re mad at them, you know they’re not going to stop being your friend.”

- All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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Chummy time!!! livestream
  • Someone in chat: Dan touched your boob
  • Louise: I don't know that Dan did touch my boob. Maybe he did?
  • Zoe: Dan who? Dan Howell?
  • Louise: Yeah.
  • Zoe: When?
  • Louise: Sometimes he accidentally does things like that... Let's stop talking about Dan and my boobs.
zalfie memories 2016

new years eve trip

cutie chops

when alfie passed his driving test

zoe’s adventure with a selfie stick

i think you’re the most perfect” younow

nipple face swap

multicolored willy

a-ss grab, just one of them

that time

i can sleep like this, i feel safe

poppy’s snapchat

boyfriend tag

finally learning when they started dating (and it was way waaaay before we ever guessed, f*cking liars..)

hearing about their first date

zoe surprising alfie at the airport

being naughty in tanya’s vlog

look at my two little puppies

when he vlogged with her lipstick covered all his mouth

lady and the tramp

thirsty picnicker unaware of the camera

you know I’ve always got your back alright

when they took alfie’s drone out

just another one

greek trip

when zoe’s boyfriend come to pick her up

just being zalfie

zoe: “what is a picnic without a cheeky finger?” // alfie:“i’m much more into cheeky sausage” // zoe: *attempts to open the box* “i can’t open it with my left hand” // alfie: “i’ll give you a finger”

it sounds like we’re having sex

when alfie was caught squeezing zoe’s bum off camera and called out by her

their day out doing water sports

your cards were next to each other it’s the connection you two have

brother-in-lawly love at gleam summer party

lie detector test

when alfie surprised zoe with a go pro

the push

4th year anniversary and first kiss story

that kiss


that sofa hug

vlogmas (all of it)

romanticism at vlogmas, level: zalfie

I Want To Be...

As passionate as Troye.

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As inspiring as Connor. 

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As selfless as Tyler.

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As appreciative as Joe. 

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As loving as Caspar. 

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As shameless as Dan.

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As kind as Phil.

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As enthusiastic as Alfie. 

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As genuine as Zoe. 

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As honest as Hannah. 

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As sassy as Joey. 

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As personable as Daniel. 

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and as brave as all of them. 

This post is to anyone who actually reads what i post, this post is to anyone who has stumbled upon my blog, this post is to the people who have messaged me and make me smile, this post is to everyone. 

You are special. 

You are kind.

You are important. 

You are worth it.

You are meant to be here.

You are beautiful in every way

And i know you’re probably like, “Who are you to say all this? You don’t know me?” And you know what? 

You’re right. I don’t know you.

 But let me tell you something, Let me tell you what i know. You get on Tumblr and you reblog stuff that makes people happy, you answer asks to people who are feeling a little under the weather, you give advice to the ones who are struggling to hang on, you do so much more than you think you do. You are kind. 

You are loving. 

You are funny.

You have a purpose.

You may hate your face or you hair, you may hate you height thinking that you’re too tall or too short, you may have your weight, you may hate your smile and how it never seems to fit your face. Its okay to dislike parts of your body. But please please dear friend understand that our flaws make us the hottest, beautifulest people around. I hate so many things about myself and i am trying my hardest everyday to see beauty. Its a process everyone. A process. 

So i challenge you for everyday to look in the mirror and smile. Look at yourself and smile. Compliment yourself, take a bomb selfie, do whatever you can to realize your worth. You are worth it.

Maybe you hate your personality. Maybe you hate your inner demons. Maybe you’re struggling just to hang on. Listen, I am here for you. I will help you the best i can, you will get through whatever you’re struggling with. YOU. ARE. STRONG. 

So please, i am here. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here. If you need a friend, i am so here (Lol i need a friend too). If you need some good dan and phil gifs or pics, i so got you covered. 

Listen, I love all of you. i hope you know you’re loved.