zoe stop it

stop erasing eliza.
stop erasing angelica.
stop erasing vanessa.
stop erasing nina.
stop erasing zoe.
stop erasing alana.
stop erasing heidi.
stop erasing cynthia.
stop erasing nabulungi.
stop erasing trina.
stop erasing charlotte.
stop erasing cordelia.
stop erasing christine.


edit: stop erasing peggy.

Attack on Titan AU where everything is the same but the titans are all 15 metre tall Teletubbies.


                                   ……It’s him.

when you and the squad all ready to go out but none of you can drive so a mom has to

We only ever saw Levi owning a black horse which leaves me to the conclusion the Levihan horses are having their sleeping boxes in the barn next to each other, just like how the owners are according to information we have from both junior high manga and official canon story smartpass au are having their sleeping quarters close to each other.

In short like owner like horses