zoe stop it

Okay But Consider This: Pining Connor

In the Utopian Au™ where Connor failed his suicide attempt…

•Zoe rejects Evan and they just become friends
•Zoe formally introduces Connor to Evan (after the cast signing)
• Connor: Gayer Than He Expected™
•Everyone knows. Everyone but Evan, that is.
•If I Could Tell Him
•Connor won’t shut up about Evan.
•Even Heidi can see this. Connor comes over and the two teens are watching movies and Heidi walks in, looks at Connor trying not to look at Evan and mentally “Oh”
•Zoe: Connor please stop being gay at the dinner table
•Connor desperately tries to be an edgy, emo bad boy but he’ll melt if Evan smiles at him
•I want these teens to become friends.
•Heidi thinks Evan knows.
•Heidi refers to Connor’s crush on him casually.
•Evan: *spits out drink*
•Evan: Bisexualer Than He Expected™

Attack on Titan AU where everything is the same but the titans are all 15 metre tall Teletubbies.

We only ever saw Levi owning a black horse which leaves me to the conclusion the Levihan horses are having their sleeping boxes in the barn next to each other, just like how the owners are according to information we have from both junior high manga and official canon story smartpass au are having their sleeping quarters close to each other.

In short like owner like horses

when you and the squad all ready to go out but none of you can drive so a mom has to


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                                   ……It’s him.

Dear Evan Hansen Ice Cronching HCs

-likes Cronching, theoretically, but was always too anxious to try it in case people thought it was weird
-tried it once and enjoyed it
-only does it when he’s alone or no one is watching

-says he hates Cronching but when he finds out Evan likes it he does it all the time
-“didnt you say you hated eating ice?”
-buys Evan ice when he’s too anxious

-Cronching champion
-one day he decided Ice just wasn’t enough
-he started freezing things and eating anything to satisfy his desire for the cronch
-one day he cronched a bathbomb on a self-inflicted dare
-the cronch was so otherworldly he immediately fainted
-when he awoke his first words were “level up”

-Doesn’t like the cronch
-tried it once but it wasn’t for her
-Still supports the cronch lovers in her life