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Let Me Make It More Clear

Part 2 of Floor Advice

A couple of hours have passed since Alfie, Jim, and Joe arrived home from the shops to discover Zoe, Tanya, and I sprawled across the kitchen floor.

We’ve made and eaten dinner, consumed a few drinks, and are not sat around the living room.

Tanya and Jim are cuddled up together on one half of the couch, with Zoe and Alfie snuggled up on the other half. Myself and Joe are sat on the floor, with some distance between us, along with a sleepy pug.

“What do you guys want to do?” Alfie asks, his fingers running up and down Zoe’s back whilst she’s laying on top of him. I watch as her and Tanya exchange a sneaky look, and I tilt my head back, knowing what they are about to say.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Tanya announces.

“Are we suddenly back in school or something?” Jim jokes, and for a moment I believe someone is on my side.

“Awe, come on, Jim. It’ll be good fun.” Alfie says, and I lift my head in time to see Jim nod in agreeance.

There goes my one vote to not play.

“Oh yes, it’ll be loads of fun!” Zoe smiles over at me as she sits up, and I glare at her as she starts to giggle.

“You alright?” I hear Joe ask me softly, and I turn to look at him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I tell him, feeling my face turn warm. Things were either about to go really good, or really bad…

“So, who’s first?” Jim asks, and I’m quick to shoot Tanya and Zoe a look, hoping they won’t make me do anything right away.

“I’ll go.” Alfie offers.

“Truth or dare, Alfred.”

The game continues for a while, and I can tell Zoe and Tanya are eager, but have been holding back.

Although as the game continues, the boys seem to be making each other do crazier and crazier things, leaving the rest of us in fits of laughter.

“Alright, alright…” Zoe manages between giggles, wiping away a tear. “Y/N’s turn.”

My laughter fades as I realize that this is the moment, and panic starts to set in.

“Truth, or dare.” I can feel everyone watching me, and I glance at Joe from the corner of my eye, who has seemed to move closer during the game.

“Uhm,” I wet my lips quickly, looking between Tanya and Zoe. “Dare?”

“You don’t sound so sure about that answer, Y/N.” Alfie laughs, but Zoe shushes him quickly.

“Too late, she picked. Now, I dare you to…” She trails off, tapping her finger against her chin. I shift slightly in my spot on the floor, earning a concerned look from Joe, but I just ignore him, staring at the coffee table in front of us.

Zoe’s smile grows on her face as she watches, “I dare you to text the person you have a crush on and tell him that you like him.”

“Yes!” Tanya nods enthusiastically, “Text him!”

I sigh, reaching for my phone, making sure no one can see the screen.

“This is really awkward having everyone stare at me, I hope you know that.” I grumble, typing out a quick text.

“Oh quit complaining and just do it!” Jim waves his hand towards me. I hit send, letting my phone fall face down in my lap.

“It’s done. Someone else take a turn, please.”

“What if he responds quickly though?” Alfie asks, and I’m relieved when I don’t hear a phone go off, meaning it will be less obvious when Joe receives my message.

“Not everyone lives on their phone, mate.” Joe chimes in, his own phone sitting casually beside him, but the screen is facing up, which means he either already saw my message, or will soon enough.

“Ha. Ha. Fine, Jim. Truth or dare. And you better pick dare, because I need revenge!”

Alfie and Jim’s banter falls on my dear ears as I watch Joe glance down at his phone, his fingers moving across the screen.

I can feel my heart racing, jumping when my phone buzzes in my lap. When I pick it up, the two girls let out a squeal.

I blush, and look down at my screen, pulling up the conversation between Joe and I.

Y/N: Sooo…your sister just dared me to text the person I have a crush on. And now I am.

Joe: If this is you saying you have a crush on me, you have a very confusing way of showing it. ;)

I let out a small laugh as I read his reply, glancing over at Joe. He pretends to not know whats happening, but I can see the small smile on his lips.

“Then let me make it more clear.” I tell him out loud, leaning over to kiss him.



I can hear Tanya and Zoe celebrating, and Joe grins over at me as I pull back.

“Ah yes, much more clear.” He tells me, leaning in for another quick kiss.

“Wait..what just happened?” Jim asks, looking around the room.

“I don’t know mate, I’m as bloody confused as you are.” Alfie replies, shaking his head.

Party Gone Wrong (Audrey Jensen x Reader) *Requested*

Requested prompt:Ok so. My request is an Audrey fanfic
The day of keirans birthday party audrey and the reader go together as a “couple” and the reader does her own thing while audrey does her own thing but.. When Zoe, Noah, and audrey kiss the reader sees it and gets really sad and they have a fight?

Warnings: None.

This is only PART ONE! PART TWO HAS BEEN POSTED! For some reason I can’t link it but it is on my blog. I will get it on linked on here as soon as possible!!

I wanted to get this up tonight for my very first requester @duhitskenna ! I hope you like it! There will be so much fluff in the second part like you could not believe!

“I thought Kieran didn’t want a party,” I said looking at Emma confused as she invited Audrey and I to Kieran’s surprise party. Audrey and I shared look as Emma continued with the details.

“I know that’s what he told me, but he told Eli otherwise. I just want this night to be something that he wants,” she said with determination, “So will you come? Maybe help set up?”

“We will be there,” Audrey said in conformation and Emma nodded and began to walk down the hall to her next class.

“We?” I asked Audrey grabbing her arm to make her look at me. She merely smirked and grabbed my hand before uttering, “Yes, we.”

I smiled at her grasping her soft hand that was holding mine.

“So, like a couple?” I asked trying to keep excitement out of my voice. Audrey and I had been on a few dates, but we’re trying to keep our “relationship” on the down low for a while. We wanted to know exactly what this was before we broadcasted it to our friends and the entire school.

She laughed before saying, “Yes (y/n). Like a couple.”

My face lit up in excitement and I had to keep myself from jumping up and down. I took a deep breath to calm myself before I asked, “What time are you picking me up?”

“(Y/n)! Audrey is here!” My father called from the bottom of the stairs. I looked myself over once more in the mirror making sure my (h/c) was in place, my (f/c) top looked perfect with my jeans, and that my combat boots had a nice shine to them.

“Coming right down!” I called as I hurried out the door grabbing my phone off of my dresser and sprinting down the stairs, “I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m going to spend the night with Audrey or Emma tonight.”

“Ok call us in the morning,” My mother stated giving my a hug.

“Love you!” I yelled as I rushed out of the door.

“Hey,” Audrey as I made it to her car that she was leaning on. She wore the red plaid shirt I told her I loved on her. It was the one she wore on our first date.

“You look so hot,” I told her with a grin. She just laughed at me before giving me a quick kiss and opening my door.

“So do you,” she said as I made myself comfortable in the passenger seat. I smiled in delight at the complement and we made our way towards Emma’s.
“Audrey, I don’t feel so good,” I said holding my stomach in agony. I felt it do another flip and my eyes went wide before I ran outside and lost my lunch, dinner, and anything I drank. I felt someone grab my hair and pull it into a loose ponytail (or rub your back if it is too short for that). I groaned and fell back into who was ever behind me as I lost the ability to stand. I heard a grunt and they pulled me away from my mess by the bushes and into the dewy grass.

“Are you ok?” A voice asked. I looked towards the sound to see that it was Audrey. I nodded weakly.

“I think I will be ok. Although I think I may have a slight fear of vomiting now,” I told her as I brushed my bangs out of my face with a shaky clammy hand.

“I’m going to go see what is going on. It’s not just you who is getting sick like this,” she said as she pulled her arms from my waist and got up,“ Will you be ok?”

I nodded at her and smiled nervously as she left. I then noticed more people running out of the house to vomit. Not wanting to be thrown up on I got up and quickly ran back inside and planted myself in a corner away from everyone.


The drinks were spiked with some insane hallucinogen. Meaning pretty soon everyone was about to be tripping. I lost Audrey in this mess as she went to be with the Lakewood Six and I tried to comfort my friend (b/f/n). She/he was not taking this very well and could not quit getting sick.

As I rubbed their back my vision began to get dark. I shook my head trying to get it to stop, but it just kept fading to black.

“I’ll be right back,” I told (b/f/n) my voice sounding unlike my own. It was almost mechanical, robotic. I stumbled trying to find somewhere to lay down before I completely slumped into a wall and just curled up there. I couldn’t see, but I could hear. I heard Piper taunting me with Audrey’s life.

“I’m going to kill her,” she whispered.

“No!” I screamed unable to move my head from my knees, “please don’t!”

“Where’s the fun in that?” She laughed.

“Me! Kill me instead,” I cried tears beginning to stream down my face.

“I don’t think so. See this is a game and you are my dolls. I run the show, you are just a player,” she told me. I didn’t have to see her face to know she was smiling with glee.

“No!” I yelled finally lifting my head from my knees. My vision began to swim back into color and I groaned from the brightness. I rubbed my eyes a few times (definitely ruining my already running mascara) trying to readjust from the light when I saw it.

Audrey. Kissing Noah. I looked at them dumbfounded as they pulled away looking shocked at each other. Zoe walked over and I heard Noah try to explain himself as Audrey was still in shock before I heard Zoe shush them, “Guys, your energy. It’s glowing.”

Then I saw her pull Noah in for a kiss. Audrey just stood watching them unaware of my eyes on her. When Zoe pulled away from Noah she turned to Audrey and my (e/c) eyes went wide as Audrey went to kiss her.

I shakily stood from my place in the corner and tried to find a way out of the hallway without tripping over everyone who was currently hallucinating. Tears pricked my eyes as I tried to tell myself that it was just because of the drink.

I locked myself in Emma’s room for the remainder of the party.

Emma was attacked. We were currently being questioned by the police. I just wanted out of this nightmare. This night was a horrible disaster. I kept avoiding Audrey’s gaze and looking at the ground were my once shiny combats boots seemed to be glued to.

The police left concluding that it was the drink and Emma saw nothing. You would think after what just happened in this town people would take this more seriously, but we don’t seem learn from our mistakes here in Lakewood.

I walked out into the night and waited for Audrey.

“Take me home,” I told her firmly as she walked over to me. She looked at me confused.

“What’s the matter?” She asked going to touch my shoulder. I quickly pulled away as if it were fire.

I laughed without humor and shook my head, “Like you don’t know.”

Realization crept onto her face, “You saw Noah, Zoe, and I.”

I just tapped my foot impatiently.

“(Y/n), I was in a hallucination,” she told me as I walked away from her to avoid her touch.

“You kissed your best friend while dating me! And another girl! You expect me to be ok with that?! That’s your trip?! I was pretty much being tortured with the thought of you dying! And you get to-”

“(Y/n)!” Audrey cut off my yelling, “I did not choose what I hallucinated! I did not want to kiss Noah! I did not want to kiss Zoe! I thought it was Rachel! That is torturous enough for me.”

I just shook my head tears filling my eyes. Of course it was Rachel. It is always Rachel.

“Forget it I will walk home,” I told her as I tried to choke down my tears.

“(Y/n), don’t be like this,” Audrey pleaded grabbing my arm.

“No. I need to be alone. I need to think,” I said shaking her off painfully.

“But the killer-”

“Isn’t around. The police are on high alert right now. I will be fine.”


“Bye Audrey.”

I walked away briskly wrapping my arms around me trying to keep myself together. Hold myself up and not break into pieces on the sidewalk.
How can I date her when I am living in someone’s shadow?


She’s doing it for her own pleasure, not yours.

Now go get some fresh air and stop hating on people for every little thing you clearly aren’t informed about thank you.

Home (part 1)

In this five-part story, Connor is a stockbroker living with his niece, Zoe, in Manhattan. Zoe (Zoella) is Nicola’s daughter but Nicola frequently travels for her job. Zoe is also a big fan of Trxye, a recluse artist who rarely puts on live shows. This story is told in a first person POV—Connor’s. Enjoy!

It’s 9 p.m. Boxes of Chinese takeout are scattered on my desk. I may have hoisin sauce on my shirt. A yawn escapes through my mouth. I quickly shut it. But I think it’s too loud as my boss, Shane, passes my cubicle saying “tired, Franta?”

“Oh, um, no, sir. That was, um…”

“Look. You’ve been working late for the past two weeks. You even came in last weekend! I love hard workers but if you work hard, you have to play hard too.” Shane shrugs.

My eyes bulge a little. Is this happening? Have I fallen asleep on my desk?“Franta, you’re young. Go have fun. I can’t have another employee dying of a heart attack at work again.”

“S—seriously, sir?” I stammer. My boss isn’t usually this nice. I just saw him yelling at Anthony, the poor intern who accidently forgot to order extra java chips.

“I’m serious. Go home. Visit clubs. Whatever. I’ll handle Singapore for you.”

“Thanks, sir!” I gather the thrash and my briefcase and head out to the elevator. Once inside, I scramble for my phone as a notification beeps.

It’s a text from Zoe.

Zoe: uncle con!!!!!
Connor: emergency???
Zoe: no!!!
Zoe: well yea!
Zoe: trxye is having a concert tonight!!!

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Pre relationship foxxay. The power goes out so no lights, no air conditioning.

This was a great prompt. I did get a bit carried away and thought it would be fun if some of the girls started playing tricks on them in the dark. Let me know what you all think!

“Christ, it’s hot in here,” Misty muttered, fanning herself with the corner of her shawl. She fought to deflect the heat, perched on tiptoes on the couch. The atmosphere inside the Academy boiled, frothed, and without air conditioning the entire Coven had succumbed to its intensity. Misty’s eyes bounced from one witch to another, spotting Madison Montgomery stretched over the piano stool, reclining like cat on the smooth leather. Arms entwined with Kyle’s, Zoe lay sprawled out on the floor. Beside her, Nan fumbled with the awkward pages of some classic book or another as Queenie inspected the words over her shoulder, hands gripping knees in the sweltering temperatures. Both were visibly irritated by the unkind air.

“What kind of witch can’t fix an air con?” Zoe exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air.

“This kind!” Nan yelled. “We all suck,” she groaned, tapping her foot restlessly in discomfort.

From her pedestal, Madison glared hazily at the other witches. “Hey, Frankenstein, I thought you wanted to be an engineer,” she leered. Her fingers tingled in gratification as the mop-haired frat boy flinched and stared emptily back at her.

“Stop taunting him, Madison. Don’t be so unfair,” Zoe snapped. She rocked onto the balls of her feet and hauled herself off the floor, Kyle in tow, tugging him towards the doorway. “Come on, Kyle.” The pair skulked into the corridor, their shadows flickering in the dim candlelight. At their departure, the other witches let out a coordinated sigh, calmer in silence as the heat bombarded them.

Misty remained, observing the dispute as if through a window, barely catching the irritable exchanges. Her ears pricked up at the sound of heels clacking on nearby floorboards. The excitement swimming in her blood almost knocked her off balance. She turned; just in time to catch Cordelia appear in the lounge, dressed in a loose pale blouse and floral skirt, the hem of which skimmed the tops of her knees. Misty’s blood seemed to pulsate, quickening as she traced the headmistress’ lines in the shade.

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