zoe pug


This piece took a lot of emotion to power through to completion. It was during this project that I found peace in her passing. It was also then that I decided to have her live through art. I miss her every single day, but I’m okay now. I can remember the good times without tears. The times I laughed and smiled, seeing how happy Umbra and Zoe are together.


This is the big one. The one that took all my emotion to power through, because I started it just a day or two after her passing. The project that had me up at 3AM with tears streaming down my cheeks. But I was smiling. I was smiling because I saw how happy they are, and it reminded me of how happy we were. And I love Zoe with all of my being, and will forever. Now she’s alive all over again, through art, right by Umbra’s side. 
The rainbow field alludes to the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Zalfie fanart

I had to make a Zalfie fanart, just because they are my favourite vloggers and my favourite couple ! I feel a little bit bad for not including the guinea pigs, but that’s for another time ! 

I’m thinking of maybe doing a series of “Mini Youtubers”, just like I did with Mini Scream Queens, Mini Star Wars and Mini Pop Stars. Let me know the youtubers you’d like me to include !

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